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The Show Must Go On is a side job in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty.


For the quest to appear you need to either leave the biomonitor at the drop point or destroy it during the last conversation with the agents in Gig: Spy in the Jungle.

You will receive a message from Steven Santos, asking to meet. He will be waiting for you at the Cirrus Cola cafe by the quay in Wellsprings, just west of the Corporation St fast travel point. He will give you 3,000 eddies and share a few updates: that his career is progressing, Ana has been fired, and the SovOil deal is progressing as hoped.

Journal Entry[]

Ahh, yes... Steven Santos. Our beloved little earthworm. A gonk of reason. A coward too afraid to hurt anyone wearing a suit. A man you helped... Go on, accept his thanks, shake his hand... But take a napkin - it's gonna be slimy.


  • Meet with Steven.
  • Talk to Steven.


  • This job is named for the song "The Show Must Go On", by the British rock band Queen, from their 1991 album Innuendo.