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The Prophet's Song is a side job in Cyberpunk 2077.


You will need to first talk to Garry the Prophet, who is right outside Misty's Esoterica in Urmland Street. He will have five separate ramblings that you will have to listen to and engage in a conversation with him on. Note while you do not need to tip, giving him €$100 will help with some conversations later on.

During the last rambling where he is talking about nomads, two will approach and not appreciate him calling them werewolves. If you chose the Nomad lifepath or completed Queen of the Highway side job, you can get them to walk away without any fighting, otherwise you will have to help fight them off to get Garry's side job unlock. Once done, Garry will then give you this side job and a location to check out in Kabuki.

Head out to the location where Johnny will talk a bit with you, then head over to the hiding spot and wait. After the time skip, a group of Maelstrom gang members show up before handing over a mysterious chip to two corpos named Jane and John Doe. Get the chip however you wish, decrypt it, and then return to Garry.

However, returning to his spot you find he is gone, replaced by a disciple who informs you he was taken away. If you donated enough earlier, you can ask them about the chip and they will tell you what they know. If you did not give enough, you can donate to them now to get them to talk.

Once you have talked to the disciple about the chip, Johnny will show up to talk to you for a bit before completing the side job.

Journal Entry

A clandestine meeting of reptilians at midnight? V, we're not missing this. If you want answers to questions plaguing humankind for eons, this might be your only shot. Is there life in the cosmos? Is there anyone pulling the strings? If so, why? And why the fuck do they let all this evil shit happen? And to think the Universe's greatest secrets could be found in some old factory in our humble little Night City...


  • Go to the old factory.
  • Talk to Johnny.
  • Find somewhere to hide.
  • Keep a lookout.
  • Seize the conspirators' chip.
  • Search the corpse.
  • Show the mystery chip to the prophet.
  • Talk to the prophet's disciple.
  • Ask the prophet's disciple about the chip.
  • Talk to Johnny.


  • The cryptic dialogue exchange between Maelstrom and Jane Doe:
    • Jane: What says the Wolf-Father to the Moon Mother as she descends to Earth?
    • Maelstrom: "I have protected the realm of man and shadow, but today they are protected by our children whose name is Patricide."
    • J: In the age of his failure, he became lost in the forest.
    • M: Lilith has concealed the tenth circle from the ancestors' eyes.
    • J: Carpe noctem, lamia.
    • M: Decet diem exsecrari.


  • The Prophet's Song is a track originally released on Queen's 1975 album, A Night at the Opera.