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The Nomad is a main job in Cyberpunk 2077. It is one of the three possible starting jobs, and is only available to players who chose the Nomad Lifepath. V grew up in the Badlands in a nomad clan and leaves it, hoping to make it big in Night City. To get into the city, V takes on a risky job: smuggling a very hot item.


You start in a mechanics' garage in the small town of Yucca, just south of the border to Night City. Looking into a mirror, you remove the patch of your old nomad clan, while, behind you, a mechanic is trying to repair your car, but needs a part that he doesn't have in stock. Turning to face the mechanic, you make a short-term workaround that should last long enough to reach Night City, and after testing the patch-job, you are hassled by the local sheriff, who asks pointed questions about your presence in his town and makes it clear that nomads, with or without a clan, are unwelcome.

Needing to meet up with your contact, Jackie Welles, to pick up the package you will both be smuggling into Night City, you slip past the patrolling sheriff, climb the local radio tower and contact Willie McCoy to receive Jackie's location, which turns out to be an abandoned farm close to the border. After making introductions, Jackie retrieves the package and places it in the trunk of your car, and the both of you head out towards the border.

At the Night City border crossing, you are stopped by the border guards and ordered to report for an inspection. Telling Jackie to stay with the car, you step into the room with the papers declaring your cargo to be "lost on arrival" - along with a sufficient bribe to "encourage" the guards not to look too closely. The guard accepts the bribe, but you get the bad feeling that he knows more than he is letting you on. Returning to your car, you have Jackie to take the wheel and get out of there as soon as possible; something is definitely going on and you don't want to stick around. As you leave the crossing, you are cut off by Arasaka security, who demand that you halt and hand over the corporate property you are smuggling, revealing you were set up. You tell Jackie to gun it, and lead the security team on a chase through the Biotechnica Protein Farm on the city's outskirts, eventually shaking them successfully and hiding in a nearby garage, where your car finally breaks down for good. While inside, you open up the package to see what caused all the trouble: a genuine, live iguana. After discussing what to do next, Jackie, deciding he likes you, offers his hand and friendship and partnership as the iguana looks on, leading into the Night City introduction montage.

Journal Entry

Yo, V, every story's gotta start somewhere, right? Even if it means that "somewhere" is in the middle of nowhere and the most nova place to hang is a dusty-ass fuel stop. You abandoned your nomad family to come find the dude who hired you, to smuggle something for him 'cross the border. This guy will change your life, chica/mano.
A good kid from Heywood with stolen corporate cargo in hand, border guards breathing down your neck and a brutal heat haze melting the horizon. This is what freedom looks like. And if smuggling's what it takes to live it, then smuggling it is. But if that's not motivation enough, there's a fat stack of eddies waiting at the end of it too. All that needs doin' is moving the package from A to B. Simple.


  • Talk to the mechanic.
  • Fix the engine.
  • Get in the car.
  • Start the engine.
  • Connect to the telecom tower.
  • Talk to the sheriff.
  • Leave the garage.
  • Go to the telecom tower.
  • Climb the telecom tower and locate the control box.
  • Connect your sat phone to the telecom tower.
  • Talk to McCoy.
  • Return to the car.
  • Head to the meeting place.
  • Get out of the car.
  • Meet Jackie Welles.
  • Talk to Jackie.
  • Follow Jackie.
  • Open the trunk.
  • Get in the car.
  • Drive to the border.
  • Drive into the checkpoint.
  • Talk to Jackie while waiting for the security check to finish.
  • Get out of the car.
  • Enter the border security building.
  • Deposit weapons at front desk.
  • Head to room 2.
  • Sit.
  • Talk to the border guard.
  • Collect your weapons at the front desk.
  • Return to the car.
  • Fight off your pursuers.
  • Get out of the car.
  • Talk to Jackie.