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Bird took everyone for a ride – Myers, Hansen, Reed, you.

— Johnny Silverhand, The Killing Moon

The Killing Moon is a main job in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty.


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Journal Entry[]

They asked you to choose, so you chose. You weren't driven by a desire to save anyone's life – Reed and Songbird both offered you treatment. Maybe you realized that no matter what your choice, you'd be betraying someone, so the best thing you could do was not betray yourself in the process. That's why you stood by the chick who was fighting to survive, just like you. Did I get that right? Yeah, think I did. Would I have chosen any different? Luckily, I don't have to sweat over those kinds of questions. Good luck, V. You and Songbird both need it.


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  • Wait for news from Songbird.
    • Talk to Reed.
  • Talk to Songbird.
  • Read the message from Songbird.
  • Meet with Songbird.
  • Get in the van.
  • Talk to Songbird.
  • Drive to NCX.
  • Proceed through the security gate.
  • Talk to the guard.

If V obeys the guard:

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  • Jack in with your personal link.
    • Stall to buy Songbird time to hack the biometric database.
    • Look at the camera.
  • Find a way to get into the Tycho Terminal.
    • Collect the suitcase. Use 930604 as the code. [Optional]
      • Search the suitcase from Songbird's contact. [Optional]
      • Find a discreet spot to change into the Corp-Bud uniform. [Optional]
    • Sneak behind the tarps. [Optional]
    • Enter the ventilation shaft in the restroom. [Optional]

If V disobeys the guard:

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  • Talk to Songbird.
    • Reach the rooftop elevator through the construction site.
    • Take the elevator to the roof.
  • Search the area for a way to pull Songbird up.
  • Pull Songbird up onto the roof.
  • Reequip your weapons.
  • Follow Songbird.
    • Talk to Songbird.
    • Enter the ventilation shaft.
    • Grip a fan blade and stop the fan's rotation.
    • Hide from the guards.
    • Grip a fan blade and stop the fan's rotation.
    • Take the elevator to the main hall of the spaceport.
    • Return to the Tycho Terminal.
    • Get to the elevator.
    • Take the elevator to Departures.
  • Check the room for hostiles.
  • Wait for Songbird.
  • Talk to Songbird.
  • Proceed through the Tycho Terminal.
  • Reach the maglev station with Songbird.
  • Reach the control tower with Songbird.
    • Defeat all NUSA operatives to reach the control tower.
  • Talk to Songbird.
    • Survive until the train arrives.
    • Check on Songbird in the control tower.
  • Pick up Songbird.
  • Get on the train.

If V decides to take Songbird to the shuttle:

  • Carry Songbird to the shuttle.
  • Lay Songbird on the ground.
  • Talk to Reed.

If V lets Solomon Reed take Songbird:

  • Carry Songbird to the launchpad and hand her over to Reed.
  • Talk to Reed.
  • Follow Reed.

If V shoots Solomon Reed:

  • Deal with Reed.
  • Talk to Johnny.
  • Pick up Songbird.
  • Carry Songbird to the shuttle.
  • Place Songbird in the shuttle.
  • Prepare Songbird for takeoff.
  • Go to the observation deck.
  • Talk to Johnny.
    • Sit down.

Associated Computers[]

  • Night City International and Translunar Spaceport/Computers

Associated Shards[]


  • Mr. Blue Eyes can be seen twice throughout the mission. Once overlooking V sneaking around the terminal's construction site, and again overlooking V and Song So Mi leave on the monorail while holding an umbrella. When V asks Songbird who is helping her with the flight to the Moon, she alludes to Mr. Blue Eyes.