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The Heist is a main job in Cyberpunk 2077. The job has Jackie and V infiltrate Konpeki Plaza to steal an experimental biochip from Yorinobu Arasaka.


After you've got the flathead and the information from Evelyn Parker, you're now ready to start the job Dexter DeShawn hired you and Jackie for.

Head out to The Afterlife to meet up with Jackie and talk to him for a bit before heading into the club. The bouncer will eventually let you in regardless of the option you choose. As Dex is still busy, you can look around some but ultimately you'll need to go sit down at the bar with Jackie and can talk a bit more with him and the bartender, Claire, before Dex's bodyguard Oleg summons you.

Heist Briefing[]

Follow Jackie to the back room where Dex and T-Bug are waiting to go over the heist's details. You can have a quick conversation with T-Bug before placing the flathead in the case if you want. Once you do, sit and Dex will begin to ask you some questions, particularly about Evelyn, who you can reveal wanted to cut out the middleman or not. Regardless, Dex will eventually direct you to a shard on the table, take it as Dex and T-Bug continue to fill you in on the plan.

Ask all the questions you want, then Jackie will bring up how the pay is being split. Dex notes you and Jackie get 30% but you can have him bump it up to 35% if you point out this is about more then eddies, and then that you want to be remembered for something, or, for Corporate Lifepath, that this is about revenge on Arasaka as well. Dex will bump it up to 40% if he is told about Evelyn Parker's desire to cut him out of the deal. After Dex heads off, you can then talk to T-Bug some more before she also heads out. Jackie will then ask if you're ready or not.

Note that once you get in the cab, you won't be able to return to exploring Night City and finish other missions until Act 2, so if you need to wrap anything else up before then, do it now.

Infiltrating the Hotel[]

Once you're ready, put on the suit and get in the taxi. After some banter between it and Jackie, it'll verify your identity and then drive you to the hotel. On the way, you can talk to Jackie some about how he's acting regarding this job. Once you arrive, follow Jackie once he gets the flathead out and head in through the scanner and then check in. At one point during the convo with the receptionist, you will need to stall her. Once you do so, you will continue to the hotel's bar, which you can choose to check out alone if you want (Jackie will refuse and heads upstairs if you look around).

Once upstairs and in the room, T-Bug will ask you to scan for the entry point for the flathead to use, which is right in the corner between the terrarium and the window. Jackie will command it initially but eventually you'll be asked to control the flathead as it got stuck and Jackie's not fully upgraded. The flathead fully navigates itself, you just need to tell it which vent to use, but some rooms you'll have to cause diversions to get to the vent without it being seen.

Eventually the flathead reaches the area outside the hotel's netrunner, where you'll have to do a mix of scanning a particular object and then manually switch cams to see inside the netrunner's room to find a way for the flathead to get inside. Once it's in, T-Bug needs a few hours to get around their security so go sit and it'll fast forward to night.

When you awake, Jackie will be questioning why Yorinobu even tried to leave his family as he could want for nothing under the Arasaka name, but instead tried to start a gang, to which you can answer however you want. T-Bug will then note it's time, so head out to the elevator, which will give you direct access to the penthouse. While they'll press to make it quick, you can still look around and loot stuff like Yorinobu's iconic pistol, Kongou (on a table by the bed), as well as attire: Yorinobu's formal shirt, Yorinobu's slacks, and Kōtetsu no Ryū coat, and an Iguana Egg at the terrarium. Once ready, join Jackie and as T-Bug is uploading to it, you'll see some unexpected guests arriving by aircraft. To make things worse, as Jackie gets the case, T-Bug warns you Yorinobu is heading too quickly to the penthouse so you need to hide fast. Head behind the TV screen where she'll open the panel here, and get in.

A scene will play out with Yorinobu entering with Adam Smasher before they're unexpectedly joined by his father, Saburo Arasaka and his own bodyguard, Goro Takemura. After dismissing the two bodyguards, things go awry between the son and father and Yorinobu kills Saburo by strangling him to death before initiating a hotel lockdown, claiming someone poisoned his father.


Taking the elevator is out, so T-Bug will direct you instead to the balcony to try and get to a ladder there. However, just as she gets the doors opened, she's killed on her end. Even though logically you would run through the window, it would be wise to check Saburo's body for his dog tag. When you get to the corpse, Jackie will say that his AV should still be on the roof, suggesting to drive it to safety, go to the AV and defeat the two guards, inside there will be Saburo's katana Satori and Saburo's diary, unfortunately you will be unable to use it to escape. The AV's AI will alert more security leaving you to run to the window T-bug opened. Head out and around and walk across the thin railing here, but halfway across hostile forces will spot you and you have no choice but to jump. After a short dialogue scene, Jackie will plug the Relic into himself to keep it safe while you both try to escape the hotel.

You'll have to go through a number of areas where a couple guards are in each, or more if you decide to enter combat with them. The first elevator you reach won't be accessible as you need an access token to do so. As you reach the second elevator location, you'll spot the officer who's carrying it here and you need to take him out (lethal or non-lethal) to get the token. Once you have it, access the elevator and you can talk a bit more to Jackie before you reach the hotel's lobby area with more guards and a powerful mech.

Whichever way you manage to get back to the entrance, take the elevator here to your cab, which will be under fire, so run and get in and it'll take off. However, Arasaka isn't letting you escape that easy and will pursue you with a three drones, consisting of one Octant and two Griffins. They have to be shot down in order to stop their pursuit before you are either killed or time runs out.

After managing to escape, Jackie's injuries prove to be too severe and after he hands the Relic over to you, he dies. Delamain will subsequently ask where you'd like to send his remains, and you can choose from several options:

  • Send Jackie's body to his family or tell the Delamain to wait for you: This will unlock the sidejob Heroes.
  • Send Jackie's body to Viktor Vektor: It will later be revealed that Arasaka took the body from Viktor to extract Jackie's engram. The engram can then be encountered either during Changes ("The Sun" or "The Star" endings) or Totalimmortal ("The Devil" ending).

After making your decision, exit the vehicle to go meet Dex inside the No-Tell Motel.

Dex is none too pleased with what happened, as the offing of the emperor is all over the news now. Even if you tell him that it wasn't you and Jackie that did it, Dex will tell you that Arasaka and their ninjas don't know or care about that. He'll eventually agree though that escaping Night City is the best option here before sending you off to go wash the blood off your face. Once you do and leave the bathroom though, his bodyguard knocks you down before Dex shoots you in the head.

Journal Entry[]

There's only one door you gotta open in Night City. And that's the door to The Afterlife. Once you cross into that world, peeps'll step aside for you everywhere. Dex couldn't have chosen a better place to pregame before the heist, am I right? Afterlife's a sign for us, chica/ese.
Saburo Arasaka murdered by his own son - and in front of our goddamn eyes! Know what, V? Forget what I said about gettin' into the Afterlife - first we need to find a way to get the fuck out of this shitstorm before Arasaka spec ops jump down our throats.
So that's how it ends... at least for me. In the backseat of a limo with hot corporate lead wedged in my gut. You know, all things considered, that ain't a half-bad way for a Welles to go. Most sons of Heywood top out without all those fireworks. But what can I say, Night City's chewed up names way bigger than mine before. Not you, though - you still got work to do. Cut a fat deal (heh) with Dex in my honor. And don't piss it all away in vain, or I'll be rollin' in my grave until I hit the east coast. I won't give you a minute of goddamn peace, chica/mano. This is the last favor we owe ourselves.


  • Head to The Afterlife.
  • Talk to Jackie.
  • Follow Jackie.
  • Talk to the bouncer.
  • Sit next to Jackie.
  • Get up.
  • Follow Dex's bodyguard.
  • Join Dex in the booth.
  • Take part in the briefing.
  • Put Flathead in the briefcase.
  • Put on the Militech suit.
  • Enter the Delamain.
  • Exit the Delamain.
  • Wait for Jackie to take Flathead.
  • Follow Jackie.
    • Talk to the guard.
    • Stand in the scanner.
    • Check in at reception.
    • Place your hand on the panel.
  • Follow Jackie.
  • Talk to Jackie.
  • Check out the hotel bar. [Optional]
  • Head to the elevator.
  • Take the elevator to the 42nd floor.
  • Head to your room.
  • Talk to T-Bug.
  • Scan for an entry point for the Flathead.
  • Wait for the Flathead to breach the system.
  • Take the control shard.
  • Wait for T-Bug to link you to CCTV.
  • Scan for a way into the vents.
    • Use Flathead to open the ventilation grate.
    • Wait for Flathead to finish.
  • Scan for a way into the vents.
    • Consult with T-Bug.
    • Scan for hackable devices.
    • Order Flathead to go to the terrarium.
    • Wait for housekeeping to move.
    • Enter the vent using Flathead.
    • Wait for Flathead to finish.
  • Scan for a way into the vents.
    • Use Flathead to open the ventilation grate.
    • Wait for Flathead to finish.
  • Use Flathead to enter the dweller's room.
    • Consult with T-Bug.
    • Scan for the CCTV Access Point.
    • Connect to CCTV using Flathead.
    • Switch cam view.
    • Consult with T-Bug.
    • Scan for a path for the Flathead.
    • Switch cam view.
    • Scan for a grate in the floor.
    • Use Flathead to open the ventilation grate.
    • Hack the dweller using Flathead.
    • Wait for Flathead to finish.
  • Talk to Jackie and T-Bug.
  • Sit.
  • Head to Yorinobu's penthouse.
  • Follow Jackie.
  • Go to the safe.
  • Use your personal link on the safe.
  • Wait for T-Bug to hack the safe.
  • Wait for Jackie to check the Relic.
  • Follow Jackie.
  • Hide inside the maintenance shaft.
  • Wait.
  • Observe the meeting.
  • Leave your hiding place.
  • Talk to T-Bug and Jackie.
  • Escape the penthouse through the window.
  • If you instead go upstairs to the landing pad:
    • Get to the AV landing pad. [Optional]
    • Get rid of AV security. [Optional]
    • Examine the AV. [Optional]
    • Return to the penthouse.
  • Go to the balcony door.
  • Get to the ladder.
  • Jump.
  • Talk to Jackie.
  • Reach the elevator.
    • Wait for an opportunity to take out the guards. [Optional]
    • Deal with the guards.
    • Search the Arasaka officer.
  • Head to the lobby.
    • Wait for Jackie in the elevator.
  • Reach the elevator to the garage.
    • Wait for Jackie in the elevator.
  • Enter the Delamain.
  • Talk to Delamain.
  • Get rid of the drones.
  • Exit the vehicle.
  • Head to room 204.
  • Talk to Dex.
  • Go to the bathroom.
  • Wash your face.
  • Leave the bathroom.
  • Talk to Dex.


  • If V and Jackie do not leave after Yorinobu, Takemura, and Smasher evacuate the suite, Smasher will return and compliment V for their bravery but insult them for their stupidity. He then severely wounds V with the bullets from his arm gun and finishes them off by stomping on V's head while Jackie panics.
  • If V has the proper level and quickhacks, upon Adam Smasher returning to the penthouse, V is able to defeat him - but the game doesn't recognize this outcome.
  • Patch 1.5 - The drone chase is now a timed event, and limits your weapon to a pistol or a revolver. If none is equipped in any of the three weapon slots available, an Unity pistol is equipped by default.