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The Corpo-Rat is a main job in Cyberpunk 2077. It is one of the three possible starting jobs, and is only available to players who chose the Corpo Lifepath. It features V as a fresh faced mid-tier corporate working in Arasaka's counterintelligence division and looking to climb the ranks.


You start out looking into the mirror while stress-vomiting in the sink of a bathroom located in the Arasaka Tower. After briefly speaking with your longtime friend Jackie Welles over the holo, you recieve a call from your boss, Arthur Jenkins, who is upset because of a major data leak in Frankfurt that has put the corporation's operations at risk, and he orders you to his office, though you are able to freely walk into your own office and read emails located on the desk before reporting to Jenkins. You find Jenkins ordering a cyberattack against the European Space Agency council to delay their vote on revoking Arasaka's lunar base licenses, but he is then called by an angered Susan Abernathy, his superior and rival in the Arasaka Special Operations branch, who berates him for the attack and threatens to discipline him later. Jenkins, already chafing under Abernathy due to her having smeared his name in Osaka to steal a promotion from him, orders you to take her out, giving you a datashard containing all of Abernathy's personal information.

Arthur tells you to use your underworld contacts to off her once and for all, and provides you with paper eddies to pay for the work. Afterwards, you get into an Arasaka AV that takes the you to Lizzie's Bar in Watson. Landing on the roof, you are confronted by basketball players upset about the court being a landing pad for a corporate; you may either subdue them with a lightning attack, or simply threaten them into submission, before approaching the Mox door guard, who lets you in.

Getting inside, you meet up with Jackie, explaining to him the situation and requesting his help, but Jackie, seeing the extreme risk involved in working for Arasaka, refuses. However, before you can convince him otherwise or get an alternate plan started, Arasaka agents enter the bar and approach the two of you. They reveal that Abernathy is aware of the hit against her and demand the datashard given to you by Jenkins. When you initially refuse, they strip you of your corporate privileges and disable your cyberware, forcing you to hand over the shard and finalizing your termination from the corporation. The Arasaka agents then attempt to take you into custody as well, as a "favor" to Abernathy, but Jackie intercepts them, pointing out that they are isolated from the rest of their compatriots and that a firefight in unfamiliar territory could end badly for them, which convinces the agents to leave you alone. The mission ends with you, still woozy from your disabled cybernetics, losing your balance and falling to the floor, to which Jackie helps you back on their feet, leading into an introduction montage of Night City for the rest of the prologue.

Journal Entry[]

Sometimes I wonder what it's like to work for Arasaka, y'know? Way I figure it, it's like playin' Russian roulette for a million eddies. Give it a spin, pull the trigger. You hear it click, you strike it rich, And if you don't, well... the mess is someone else's problem.
So to recap - Abernathy is Jenkins' boss, Jenkins is your boss and he ordered you to off Abernathy. It's a classic damned if you do, damned if you don't situation. You kill her - you're fucked. You tell Abernathy - you're even more fucked. Why? Because for the past few years you've been batting for Jenkins' team. If you get the job done, and do it well, you might get a promotion, but forget sleeping at night, because who knows how soon you'll be in someone's crosshairs. Only proves the wide variety of opportunities Arasaka has to offer.


  • Leave the bathroom.
  • Head to Jenkins' office.
  • Sit.
  • Watch the vote.
  • Talk to Jenkins.
  • Leave Jenkins' office.
  • Go to the AV garage.
    • Talk to Jackie.
    • Read the report on your personal terminal. [Optional]
  • Get in Jenkins' AV.
  • Deal with the locals.
  • Head to Lizzie's.
  • Talk to the bouncer.
  • Meet with Jackie.
  • Sit with Jackie.
  • Talk to Jackie.