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The Beast In Me is a side job in Cyberpunk 2077.



After visiting Claire in her garage, she will task you in completing a series of races:

Final race[]

In order to qualify for the final race, you need to finish in the top 3 in at least two out of the three races.

Once you have learned Claire's story, the last race will come up a time later:

If you followed Sampson as he exited the highway, unless you said at the end of the Santo Domingo race "Sorry, Claire, but I can't help." and then "Okay, I'll still drive. But only to win.", Claire will ultimately kill Sampson regardless of what you say during the confrontation. Otherwise, you can convince Claire to spare Sampson and this results in earning both Beast and Sampson's car, Cthulhu. He will call you up some days after the quest to give it to you. Regardless of Sampson's fate, return with Claire to her garage and she'll hand over Beast to you.

If you opted to finish the race instead of following Sampson, Claire will get mad at you, won't give you her car and refuses you service at the Afterlife bar.

Journal Entry[]

No one in Night City is only one layer deep. Take Claire for example - an Afterlife bartender who likes to burn rubber in illegal street races when she's on break. If you get the itch for a little adrenaline, I think you can snatch it at her garage.


  • Talk to Claire in her garage during the day.
  • Talk to Claire in her garage.
  • Wait a day for Claire to contact you.
  • Complete the qualifying races. [0/3]
    • Read the message from Claire.
    • Send a message to Claire.
    • Read the message from Claire.
  • If you followed Sampson in The Big Race:
    • Confront Sampson at Claire's side.
    • Talk to Claire.
    • Get in Claire's ride.
    • Talk to Claire.
    • Return to Claire's garage.
    • Talk to Claire.




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