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Disambig-icon.png This article is about the dam in Rancho Coronado. For the dam in Laguna Bend, see Laguna Bend dam.

The The Badlands Dam, also known as the Petrochem dam, is located in the southernmost area of Rancho Coronado, in Night City proper.


Located in one of the poorest areas of Rancho Coronado, this dam - with a large white Petrochem logo on its front - is to all appearances abandoned since the doors leading into the structure are barred, and unlike the southern dam, no personnel is present here.

Despite still being operational, the reservoir basin lies empty of water and it is instead overran with junk from the neighboring landfill. At some point there was a large quantity of water, as seen from the shoreline marks along the basin's wall.[1] Another dam prevents Laguna Bend from emptying its water here.

Ecologists in Night City are demanding a clean-up of the dam, and activists have already presented an official petition to the city council.[2]

Database Entry

The Badlands Dam
The Badlands Dam

A multimillion-eurodollar undertaking, an industrial feat, two million hectoliters of toxic water and hundreds of flooded homes. Welcome to the Badlands.

When the dam was under construction, it was obvious there would also be a reservoir - which sounded great in theory. The townsfolk put that piece of knowledge in the back of their heads and didn't stop to wonder why they needed a dam, why here of all places, and who was profiting from it. Spoiler alert: it wasn't the town's residents, and since losers don't get to write history, any memory of them and their tragedy evaporated from the collective consciousness as quickly as the morning dew on a hot summer's morning.


  • Early Cyberpunk 2077 maps show instead this one dam, while the reservoir in Laguna Bend extended here. It's unknown why another dam was created for the game.



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