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Tetracorp Fei Lien 100 Aerodyne is an AV introduced in Chromebook Volume 3.

Sourcebook Description[]

Tetracorp's first showing in the aerodyne field promises to completely refine the concepts of high-end avionics and extreme luxury. Equipped with the full range of personal electronics, safety equipment, and piloting hardware, nothing is too extravagant for this aerodyne.
Lose yourself in the sumptuous interior and let the holosystem entertain you as the auto-pilot speeds you to your destination. Sleek and smooth, the Fei Lien has the sort of elegance in form and line that is impossible to achieve in a lumbering ground vehicle. The Tetracorp Fei Lien 100: the next evolutionary step in luxury aerodynes.
Special Equipment: Crash-control system, Long-range radio w/scrambler, Cellular phone, Ejection seats, Environment control system, Radar, Auto-pilot and Civillan nav systems, Radar detector, Shocker security system, Cybernetic linkage, Seat massagers, VR holosystem.
Weapons: None[1]


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