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Disambig This article is about the Russian corporation. For the San Francisco based corporation, see Techtronica.

Techtronika Ltd. (Russian: Техтроника) (pronounced -[teh-tro-nɪ-kʌ]),[1] or Techntronika Russia[2] is a weapons manufacturer and a former subsidiary of Techtronica.[2][3]


Before the Fourth Corporate War, Techntronika was the Russian subsidiary of Techtronica International. When Techtronica closed down after the war, Techtronika survived and became its own company.[2][3] Known for their low cost, low maintenance, high-powered weaponry, Techtronika by 2077 had expanded their product line with military robots and touted as the "Russian Militech".

Techtronika's arsenal is not the greatest available on the market, but it is simple, reliable and efficient. When it comes to putting an enemy down with brute force that never fails, Techtronika makes the weaponry of choice.



Type Products
Machine Guns Techtronika Russia BMG-500


Type Products
Sniper Rifles SPT32 Grad
Revolvers RT-46 Burya, Metel
Shotguns VST-37 Pozhar
Rocket Launchers T40 Uragan
Grenades F-GX Frag Grenade (Sticky, Homing)

MOLODETS BioHaz Grenade (Homing)

Muzzles RC-7 Yokai
Melee Razor


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