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Disambig This article is about the Weapon in Cyberpunk 2020. For the Weapon in Cyberpunk RED, see Microwaver.

The Techtronica 15 Microwaver is a flashlight-sized microwave projector.[1][2]


Any target within 1 meter of the microwaver beam must roll a 1D6 to determine the electrical side effects on exposed cyberware without shielding.

  • 1: Cyberoptics short for 1D6 turns
  • 2: Neural pulse! If the character has interface plugs, reflex boosts, or other hardwiring, REF stat reduced by 1D6/2 until repaired
  • 3: Cyberaudio shorts for 1D10 turns
  • 4: Cyberlimb malfunction. Lose all use of cyberlimb for 1D10 turns. Roll a 1D6 to determine cyberlimb, rerolling if no cyberlimb present
  • 5: Total neural breakdown! Character reduced to a twitching, epileptic fit for 1D6/3 turns.
  • 6: No effect


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