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Technical Ability is one of the six attributes in Cyberpunk 2077. Technical Ability determines techie know-how.


Progressing in the Technical Ability attribute improves proficiency with Grenades, Tech Weapons, and the Projectile Launch System. Technical Ability also allows you to be compatible with high-end cyberware.

The Technical Ability attribute also allows you to bypass some locks, override devices and exhibit tech-savvy skills in dialogues.

Allocating an Attribute point in the Technical Ability Attribute increases Armor by 2 per point.

Level Title Requirement(s) Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Glutton For War
4 Glutton For War 5% instant recharge of Health Items and Grenades after neutralizing an enemy.
4 Gearhead +33% Vehicle health
Vehicle mounted weapons receive:
+25% damage
−0.7 sec. lock-on time
First Aid
4 First Aid +15% recharge speed of Health Items when you've only used 1 charge.
4 Transfusion +30% Health from the final charge of your equipped Health Item.
Health Freak
9 Health Freak +8% recharge speed for Health Items and grenades. +1 Health Item charge, +150% recharge speed for Health Items outside combat.
Field Medic
9 Field Medic 15% faster use of Health Items in combat.
Demolitions Surplus
9 Demolitions Surplus +1 max grenade charge, +250% recharge speed for grenades outside of combat.
Coming In Hot
9 Coming In Hot +50% recharge speed for grenades when you have none available.
Borrowed Time
9 Borrowed Time +100% instant recharge of a Health Item after neutralizing an enemy if you are below 25% Health and have no charges remaining.
All Things Cyber
9 All Things Cyber +10% to all cyberware stat modifiers −20% Cyberware Capacity cost for cyberware in the Integumentary System and Skeleton
Renaissance Punk
9 Renaissance Punk +4 Cyberware Capacity for each Attribute at 9 or higher
Chrome Constitution
9 Chrome Constitution −5% incoming damage if all Integumentary System and Skeleton cyberware slots are filled
Lucky Day
9 Lucky Day +25% crafting components from looting.
Driver Update
9 Driver Update All cyberware gain an additional stat modifier.
Chipware Connoisseur
9 Chipware Connoisseur When upgrading cyberware, you can choose from two stat modifier options:

A third option is available at Tier 3 and higher.
15 Pyromania +8% recharge speed for Health Items and grenades. +10% explosion radius for grenades and the Projectile Launch System. +5% Movement Speed and +10% explosion damage for 12 sec. after hitting an enemy with an explosion in combat. If you take damage from the explosion, the effects adds 2 stacks instead of 1. Effect and duration can stack 5 times.
Burn This City
15 Burn This City When you accumulate 5 stacks of Pyromania, they will be consumed to instantly replenish a grenade charge, but all bonuses from those stacks will remain active for 6 sec.
Heat Shield
15 Heat Shield +10% Mitigation Chance per stack of Pyromania.
Friendlier Fire
15 Friendlier Fire +50% resistance to damage and effects from explosions you cause.
Flash Sale
15 Flash Sale For Flash, Smoke and Recon grenades:
Double grenade charges
Double recharge rate
15 Doomlauncher Only affects Projectile Launch System Projectile Launch System cyberware receives:
+1 max charges
+20% recharge speed
+25% additional recharge speed when you have no charges available
+200% additional recharge speed outside of combat
+5% instant recharge after neutralizing an enemy.

It also receives the same bonus as grenades from Burn This City.
License To Chrome
15 License To Chrome +10% to all cyberware stat modifiers. +40 Armor Unlocks a new cyberware slot for the Skeleton.
All Skeleton cyberware have boosted stats.
15 Ambidextrous Unlocks a new cyberware slot for your Hands.
Cyborg (perk)
15 Cyborg 15% reduced Cooldowns for all cyberware if all available slots are filled.
Extended Warranty
15 Extended Warranty +15% duration for all cyberware effects.
Built Different
15 Built Different Unlocks Cellular Adapter cyberware. It can be purchased and installed at ripperdoc clinics. This Perk is required to use it properly.
15 Bolt Only affects Tech Weapons +20% charge speed for Tech Weapons. +15% damage for each charged shot with Tech Weapons Unlocks Bolt shots. To fire a Bolt, release the trigger for a charged shot right before it fully charges: counts as a fully charged shot, +30% damage, −50% penalty for penetrating cover.

Fully auto Tech weapons fire Bolts in a short burst. To continue firing Bolts in full-auto, press and hold the trigger again after firing the initial burst.
Internal Clock
15 Internal Clock Only affects Tech Weapons Increased time window to fire a Bolt.
Lightning Storm
15 Lightning Storm Only affects Tech Weapons +10% charge speed after firing a Bolt. Stacks 3 times. Swapping weapons or firing a non-Bolt shot resets the stack.
In Charge
15 In Charge Only affects Tech Weapons Tech Weapons no longer fire automatically when reaching full charge.
Shock Value
15 Shock Value Only affects Tech Weapons Bolts ignore enemy Armor
Ticking Time Bomb
20 Ticking Time Bomb Charged powerful EMP that hits nearby enemies after 3 sec. whenever you activate Operating System cyberware (Berserk, Sandevistan) or Overclock. Applies Stun and deal damage proportionate to the quantity and tier of cyberware implants you have installed.
−50% incoming damage while charging EMP.
Edgerunner (perk)
20 Edgerunner Allows you to exceed your Cyberware Capacity by up to 50 points, but at the cost of −0.5% max Health per point over capacity.

When you neutralize an enemy during combat, there is a 0.1% chance for each point you are over capacity that you will break into a Fury.
In this state you gain:
+10% damage,
+30% Crit Chance
+50% Crit Damage

Duration: 12 sec.
Chain Lightning
20 Chain Lightning Bolt now deals Electrical damage and releases an electric arc that can electrocute up to 3 nearby enemies.

Act 1[]

  • The Information (6) - V can recognize the top-shelf hardware Judy Álvarez is using: Sensory sig amps, acoustic and emotive wave monitors. V also recognize the expression translator from Fuyutsuki Electronics, and comments negatively about the matrices on that series.
  • The Pickup
    • (6) - After noticing that Jackie got a new Arch Nazaré, V can suggest some bike modifications to Jackie. This will cause Jackie to modify his vehicle.
    • (6) - V can identify some Militech weaponry and mines.
    • (7) - V can disarm Militech weaponry and mines, and override turrets.
    • (7) - After Dum Dum gives a showcase of the Flathead, V can note that Raven's not the dedicated control unit for the Flathead, which Dum Dum will state it's Maelstrom's own version.

Act 2[]

  • Automatic Love
    • (5) - V can access Clouds' grade door and electrical grid before the VIP area.
    • (5) - V can open Clouds' grade door in the staff area.
    • (7) - V can open Clouds' door in the staff area.
  • The Space in Between
    • (5?) - V can open the window into the Finn Gerstatt's clinic, to meet Fingers in middle of a patient's procedure.
    • (5?) - V can notice that the faceplate of a patient is damaged, or that Fingers sells rot, if Fingers is caught in middle of a procedure (requires force open the clinic door with 7 Body).
    • (5) - V can accuse Finn Gerstatt of installing faulty implants.
  • Disasterpiece (9) - V can open door when searching for Evelyn Parker.
  • M'ap Tann Pèlen (5) - V can notice that the van pointed out by Placide is definitely a custom job. Placide will point out that it's just a way for V to say that also doesn't know from where the "kamyonét" comes from. V will respond that is only trying to piece the facts together.
  • I Walk the Line (10) - V can open grade gate at the Grand Imperial Mall.
  • Lightning Breaks
    • (8) - V can ask Panam Palmer if she wanna use an EMP to bring down Anders Hellman's AV.
    • (5?) - V can guarantee that the personal link's connection is secure, despite the error when trying to connect with Panam's car's turret.
    • (8?) - V can conclude, by the Panam Palmer's explanation about the power station antennas, that we can set off a chain reaction, making each antenna emit a massive EMP burst right when Anders Hellman's AV flies over.
    • (8?) - V can volunteer to kick the transformers out of wrack, to make things go faster.
  • Gimme Danger
  • Play It Safe
    • (6) - V can detach catwalk segments.
    • (6) - V can detach catwalk segments.
    • (11) - V can open door to the room that contains Genjiroh, on floor 21.

Act 3[]

Gigs and Side Jobs[]

  • With a Little Help from My Friends (3) - V can open door to enter the control tower before Panam do it.
  • Bullets (8) - V can recognize Melissa Rory's Higurashi 20-13 Mantis Blades, and knows that the Higurashi 20-13 line was pulled off the market in 2069.
  • Ex-Factor (9) - V can comment that there is no way Judy Álvarez cracked Clouds lock open on her first time, and ask if she know how to get around their systems. Judy will respond yes, and that she was right about hoping they hadn't run any updates since she left.
  • Coin Operated Boy
    • (3) - V can tell the clerk that he has no idea what he tinkerin' with, say that Brendan is special, almost a miracle of science, that bet the clerk has never com accross a machine with that kinda cognitive matrix, and start comment about Breand's AI. The clerk will interrupt V and allows V inside his shop, trusting V's knowledge and that V won't break anything, and tell V to check the "little miracle" Brendan while it's firmware in being updated.
    • (10) - V can open the gate to meet Brendan.
    • (4) - V can tell Brendan that know it is not an actually Artificial intelligence, or at least not anywhere close to an AGI, because Brendan's processor just isn't big enough for the processing power required to handle an AI with the capacity of free will. Brendan will respond that V is correct, and must be a pretty good techie. V will then comment that the code-monkey who made Brendan deserves a prize for Brendan being the best convo-emulating V has ever interacted with, and that Brendan almost fooled V. Brendan will notice that V seems slighty disllusioned, and V will commment about who else could say their friend was a S.C.S.M., and how it was almost crazy enough to be beautiful.
  • Riders on the Storm (9) - V can open sewer grade to enter the Wraiths' main building.
  • Violence (10) - V can open open door at the Riot.
  • Don't Lose Your Mind
    • (5) - V can open grades in Delamain HQ garage.
    • (8) - V can open side door to access the Delamain HQ office.
  • Dream On (10) - V can fix smart glass screen at Peralez's apartment.
  • The Hunt (12) - V can open the side door to access the Night City Police Department.
  • Pyramid Song (6) - V can ask Judy Álvarez how do she blend two separate experience tracks.
  • These Boots Are Made for Walkin' (3) - V can suggest Lana Prince shoulda started with the step motor, as it woulda been quicker to fix the Thorton Galena "Rattler". Lana will lament she replaced the entire throttle instead.
  • I Fought the Law
  • Only Pain (20) - V can break in police car.
  • Gig: Hacking the Hacker
    • (3) - V can open vent at 6th Street's hideout.
    • (9) - V can open shutters in one of the apartments of floor R6.
    • (9) - V can open another industrial shutters in another apartment.
    • (9) - V can open doors inside the 6th Street hideout.
    • (13) - V can override turret at Lucius' room.
  • Gig: Family Matters (12) - V can open Juliet's home's front door.
  • Gig: Greed Never Pays (5) - V can open door to Leah Gladen's apartment without using Wakako Okada's code.
  • Gig: Occupational Hazard (5) - V can open door at The Mox warehouse on Longshore North.
  • Gig: Until Death Do Us Part (6) - V can open door to the bathroom at top floor.
  • Gig: Catch a Tyger's Toe (6) - V can open door to the server room.
  • Gig: Monster Hunt (7) - V can open door in the way to the Ho-Oh club.
  • Gig: Rite of Passage (7?) - V can turn off cameras at the Maelstrom's ripperdoc clinic.
  • Gig: Bloodsport
    • (7) - V can turn off cameras at the Tyger Claws dojo on Brookland St.
    • (8) - V can open roof entrance to enter the Tyger Claws dojo on Brookland St.
  • Gig: For My Son (8) - V can open door inside the boxing club.
  • Gig: Freedom of the Press
    • (5) - V can disarm mines (called "IED - Improvised Explosive Device" by Max Jones).
    • (8) - V can open door to enter the old broadcast TV in Northside.
  • Gig: No Fixers (8) - V can disarm mines at Wraiths' territory.
  • Gig: An Inconvenient Killer (9) - V can open door to the elevator to the 7th Hell.
  • Gig: Bring Me the Head of Gustavo Orta (9) - V can open door to enter service room near Gustavo Orta's apartment.
  • Gig: Flying Drugs (10) - V can turn OFF the antenna's power.
  • Gig: Cuckoo's Nest
    • (8) - V can open doors inside.
    • (15) - V can open industrial shutters outside.
    • (15) - V can open window to enter the psychiatric ward.
  • Gig: Old Friends
    • (8) - V can open door to enter a room in Karubo Bairei's dive. It's possible to force open the same door by having Body 12.
    • (16) - V can open back door to enter Karubo Bairei's dive.
  • Gig: Psychofan (17) - V can open door to apartment 1702.
  • Gig: Sr. Ladrillo's Private Collection
    • (5) - V can pretend to be at Dicky Twister to fix the sound system, to enter there for free.
    • (18) - V can open door to Sr. Ladrillo's office.
  • Gig: Guinea Pigs (19) - V can open door to Joanne Koch's apartment.
  • Gig: Woman of La Mancha
    • (6) - V can open door to Anna Hall's motel room.
    • (6) - V can open backdoor to motel instead of paying for room 203.
    • (6) - V can open door to room 203 if didn't pay.
    • (4) - V can open staff room on floor 1 to find out what happened to room 203's last resident.
  • Gig: Lousy Kleppers (10) - V can open two doors inside the facility.
  • Gig: Greed Never Pays
    • (5) – V can open one to the magazine in the Wired Head club.
    • (10) – V can open another door to the magazine in the Wired Head club.
  • Gig: Serious Side Effects
    • (5) - V can open doors on the second floor.
    • (12) - V can open doors outside.
    • (12) - V can open another doors inside, on the first floor.
  • Gig: Going-away Party (12) - V can break fence.
  • Gig: Radar Love (5) - V can open two grates.
  • Gig: Trevor's Last Ride (5) - V can open doors leading to the armory.

Phantom Liberty Logo CP2077PL[]

  • Spider and the Fly
    • (12) - V can open doors where Rosalind Myers calls "Museum of Wishful Thinking, where the rich bought and sold so many unfulfilled dreams".
  • Lucretia My Reflection
    • (12) - V can open grade door through the subway tunnels.
    • (12) - V can open door to enter Captán Caliente restaurant.
    • (8) - V can disarm laser mines at Captán Caliente restaurant.
  • You Know My Name
    • (3) - V can disarm mines in the flooded tunnels.
  • Shot by Both Sides
    • (3) - V can open door to enter Bree's apartment.
    • (18?) - V can tell Bree that turrets like the ones in the old Militech building operate in sequential circuits: Hacking one triggers a feedback loop that boots up others as well. Bree will then suggest not hacking any at all.
    • (8?) - V can disarm mines in the old Militech building.
  • I've Seen That Face Before
    • (20?) - V knows the Behavioral Imprint-synced Faceplate must do more than morph your face and voice: it gotta fuck with your hormones like a designer drug, and give you hyperspecific highs and laws to change your behavior. Alena Xenakis will complete saying it establishes a new baseline, you just gotta say the right words.
  • Somewhat Damaged
    • (20?) - V knows the disabled door terminal, in the way to dataterminal Sierra, is fixable.
    • (17) - V can use fuse box in the way to dataterminal Sierra, to enable door terminal.
  • The Killing Moon
    • (20) - V can jack in and run some diagnostics on Songbird.
    • (10) - V can open floor grade to access Tycho Terminal.
    • (10) - V can open door to access construction site elevator.
    • (14?) - V can look at Songbird's chrome, as V is familiar with most of her subassembliesm and could run auto diagnostics and grant Songbird access to her BIOS. She then get a readout that can overclock the compensators.
  • Things Done Changed
    • (14) - V can ask Solomon Reed why didn't the doctors use nanobots, and that can't believe they damaged V's nervous systems. Reed will respond that apparently the neural matrix reduced V's cells' regenerative capacity, and the doctors really tried everything.
  • Gig: Dogtown Saints
    • (13?) - V can tell that the Odell Blanco's patient is using a woman's implant, not adjusted to his weight, and recommend to tweak the load cappacity, knee joint settings first, and see if that helps. Odell will comment that he hasn't tried that.