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Techies (or Techs) range from technicians to cybernetic specialists. They are usually underground techies, who do "off-the-record" work.

Who Are They[]

You can't leave anything alone - if it sits near you for more than five minutes, you've disassembled it and made it into something new. You've always got at least two screwdrivers and wrench in your pockets. Computer down? No problem. Hydrogen burner out in your Metrocar? No problem. Can't get the video to run or your interface plugs feedbacking? No problem.

You make your living building, fixing and modifying - a crucial occupation in a technological world where no one person really knows how half the stuff works. You can make some good bucks fixing everyday stuff, but for the serious money, you need to tackle the big jobs. Illegal weapons. Illegal or stolen cybertech. Corporate espionage and counterespionage gear for big boys' "black operations". Neat little gadgets like thermite bombs and the hunter-killer robots for the occasional "termination".

If you're any good, you're making a lot of money. And that money goes into new gadgets, hardware and information. You'll buy almost any new thing - because it might have dozen side applications you can use. Of course, your black market work isn't just making you friends - it's also racking you up an impressive number of enemies as well; people who've run into your handywork and resented it. So you'll invest a lot in defense systems and, if really pushed to the wall, call a few new markers on a Solo or two.

Your cousin down the street is like you, but he's a Medtechie. In world where half of medicine is related to mechanics, it makes sense. He can do a black market surgical technique faster than you can fix a toaster and the Solos are always running to him to patch up wounds or install new illegal cybernetics. He's got a lot of the same problems you have, but he's hoping his new job with Trauma Team Inc.™ will loosen things up. You hope he's right. You may be needing his services sooner than you think.

Special Abilities[]

Jury Rig is the Special Ability from the original Cyberpunk 2013 rules. It is the ability to repair or upgrade gear, weapons, or cyberware.

Scrounge is a Special Ability to find what you need. Either you find the materials and equipment to make gear, weapons, cyberware, or vehicles yourself or you find the items themselves and the spare parts to get them working.

Med Tech is the Special Ability used by Medical Technicians to use Medical Technology. Often mistakenly called "doctors", they are actually closer to Medical Technologists, Lab Technicians, and Nurse-Practitioners. Med-Techs can identify drugs, know their purpose and any side-effects or drug interactions, and safely administer them. They can run diagnostic, sensor, and life-support equipment.

Database Entry (2077)[]



You see a few odd nuts and bolts or scraps of metal; a good techie sees a work of art. You press a button and the device just works; a techie knows why and how to make it work better. Techies are the sort to cut their teeth on tech by taking it apart and putting it back together. They open an electric panel and not only know how to shut off the power, but also send an elevator to a specific floor, reconnect alarm systems or control a military bot from a safe, remote distance. They're also needed wherever hardware meets soft – braindance editing being one common example. Techies know it's not enough to have all the ones and zeroes in the right place; you need something to feed the code into. They can calibrate implants with ease, understand the pages and pages of minute specifications and use this knowledge to their advantage. Most people think they don't need a techie, that their once-a-month ripperdoc tuneups are more than enough. Then they've got their back against a wall, bombs are exploding next door, and pop! Something breaks. Suddenly a techie seems handy indeed.[1]

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