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Talkin' 'bout a Revolution is a side job in Cyberpunk 2077.


After some time has passed since finishing Ex-Factor, Judy will call ask you to come over to her apartment, wishing to discuss her plan to take over Clouds. She'll also note that on top of inviting two of Clouds' dolls, Tom and Roxanne, she also managed to convince Maiko this time. You can ask her for further details now or later, but she'll eventually reveal she learned to re-program the dolls' chips to turn them into fighters as a way to take over Clouds.

Make your way to her apartment where you can briefly talk to the group sans Maiko but after 2-3 dialogue choices, Maiko will make her appearance, interrupting any further dialogue. If you also killed Woodman, she'll remark on this which you can answer however you wish.

Judy will then discuss how she modified the behavioral chips and you can ask more on this if you have enough points in body and reflexes. Eventually Tom will be asked to demonstrate the chip's skills on you and will land you on the couch during it, earning Maiko's approval.

Judy then reveals once they take over Clouds, the bosses will be given an ultimatum to take a cut of the proceeds to never show up at the club again, giving the dolls control of the place, but Maiko points out an obvious flaw: the Tyger Claws will just send more security in to regain control. Instead, you need to go after Hiromi Sato, Clouds' real boss, and humiliate him in front of the rest of the gang's bosses to remove him. She'll then suggest attacking in both areas at the same time: Tom and Roxanne at the club and you at Sato's penthouse.

Once everyone is on board and leaves, Judy will talk to you some more before the relic malfunctions. After more dialogue, go to sleep on the couch and then wake up to see Judy's left you some food out on the kitchen counter. You can also look around her apartment some to find a few areas of interest that Johnny will comment on. Once ready, leave the building to complete the quest.

Journal Entry[]

There's no such thing as a free lunch, V. If someone invites you to a chow-down, someone's gonna pay. Who knows, maybe the bad guys'll saddle up - answer for all the bad shit they've done. But you know what I think? I think you're the one who's paying. And that check's well on its way.


  • Wait for Judy's call.
  • Talk to Judy.
  • Go to Judy's apartment in the evening.
  • Wait until evening.
  • Use the intercom.
  • Enter the apartment.
  • Sit on the stool.
  • Discuss Judy's plan.
  • Test out Tom's combat skills.
  • Eat breakfast. [Optional]
  • Leave the building.


  • After this mission, several items in Judy's Apartment will become points of interest prompting reactions by V and/or Johnny Silverhand (some reactions vary depending on whether V is female and, thus, Judy's type).