In the end, it was inevitable that they became Solos. And it was only natural that they seek the company of their own kind.

— William Moss

Tales from the Forlorn Hope, subtitled, Eight Adventures for Cyberpunk, is an adventurebook for Cyberpunk 2020, focusing on the ficticious bar, the Forlorn Hope, and its many patrons, who all have many interesting stories to tell.

The adventures in this book are not connected and are meant to serve as war-stories from the grizzled veterans that patronize the bar. The book features a segment from the Solo of Fortune magazine as well as a history of the bar and biographies on the various characters within.

Adventures Edit

  • Agency Job
  • A Hard Road to Go
  • The Impalers
  • Girls' Night Out
  • Colombian Cookout
  • Fall of the Axeman
  • Tough as Nails
  • The Last Long Rider

Availability Edit

References Edit

MOSS, W. Tales from the Forlorn Hope. 1st ed. Berkeley CA; R.Talsorian Games, 1992.

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