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Tanaka's Exec Line gives me what I demand from a fine clothier. Real-silk shirts; cotton lightweights for summer. The suits are actually Italian wool, not synthetic, and cut with authority and attention to detail.

— Ulf Grunwalder EBM Board Member, Cyberpunk 2020

Takanaka is a Japanese casual wear designer, manufacturer and retailer corporation that is based in Japan. A store can be found in every city around the world with a population with at least 20,000 or more.


Takanaka is a clothing manufacturer based out of Fukuoka, Japan. Much of the clothing is designed for corporates and higher ups.

In 2077, Takanaka crates can be found all over Night City.[1]

Takanaka Exec Line[]

In Nihon, we make some of the best vehicles, computers and cyberware in the world. But epitome of the samurai spirit is embodied in the work of Takanaka's Executive clothing. Spare and exact, it shows us that the true master of business must not only follow the Way of the Sword, but also the Way of Art.

— Seki Nara, Arasaka Advertising Division Head, Cyberpunk 2020

Power in Simplicity:[]

In the world of 2020, people can forget - less is more. Understand power screams in every fiber of Takanaka's new *EXEC* line. No gimmicks, no fancy syntha-cloth, nothing extraneous. There's no need for any of it. Anyone who can see knows that it's the person in these clothes that counts.[2]

Item's Price[]

  • Jacket - 800 Eb[2]
  • Vest - 500 Eb[2]
  • Pants - 700 Eb[2]
  • Top Coat - 1,000 Eb[2]
  • Full Armored Topcoat (SP 16) - 2,000 Eb[2]
  • Matching Briefcase - 600 Eb[2]
  • Monogram Shirt - 200 Eb[2]
  • Tie - 100 Eb[2]
  • Cravat 100 Eb[2]
  • Scarf - 75 Eb[2]
  • Cologne - 150 Eb[2]
  • Katana Case - 300 Eb[2]
  • Cape - 900 Eb[2]
  • Opera Coat (Armored SP 16) - 1,200 Eb[2]



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