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THE WARSAW CATHOLIC FAITH AND ITS ORIGINS is a readable shard in Cyberpunk 2077.



As Saint Augustine of Hippo taught us, to err is to be human, but to err willingly is to perform the work of Satan. Pope Ferdinand I and his successors are guilty of this heinous sin for their perversion of Christ's teachings and their worship of the golden calves of technology and Mammon. They have not only chosen this path to perdition for themselves but have attempted to tempt the Lord's flock to follow. For the sake of the millions of eternal souls he loves so dearly, Cardinal Konrad Lewandowski made the only decision God would allow. Seeing that the Vatican had renounced our Lord and Savior, he rescinded his nomination to head the Holy See and instead rested the weight of the newly founded Polish Papacy on his shoulders and moved the seat of the Church to Licheń, Poland. 1. What do Warsaw Catholics believe?
Warsaw Catholics worship the one, true God and recognize family as defined by the laws of nature our Lord has provided and in accordance with the traditions hallowed by the blood of our ancestors. 2. When you say "I believe in God," what do you mean?
It means we acknowledge the truth that there is one true God whose wisdom is infinite and unchanging, who commands our obedience, who compels us to raise a families founded on love and faith, who has tested Poland with great suffering as He tested Job, thus demonstrating that Poland is God's chosen land. 3. Through whom did God reveal what we are to believe?
His only son, Jesus Christ, whose earthly voice is now spoken through the Pope as elected by the Polish Episcopal Conference. 4. Why believe the word of God?
Because only through faith can we be saved and find eternal peace in Heaven. Only through faith can we be true Poles, worshipping, thinking, and speaking in Polish in accordance with the customs of our fathers and mothers.