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T-100 Tank is an MBT introduced in Solo of Fortune 2.

Sourcebook Description[]

The T-100 is the latest in the Soviet tank series, Designed as their new main battle tank. A vastly improved model, the T-100 has enough room inside for crew members taller than 1.55 meters, decent range and speed, a lack of the chronic maintenance problems that plagued Soviet tanks in the past, and enough combat capability to survive the battlefield of the 21st century. Its low price and ready availability ensures that it's seen on battlefields from Asia to Africa. The gunner and commander ride in the turret The driver and loader ride in the hull.
Special Equipment: Composite and reactive armor, amphibious, fire extinguisher, 12 man-hours life support, 2 IR smoke launchers, antipersonnel grenade charges, military radio, visual rangefinder, autopilot, navigation system, active IR sensors, light amplification, military radar detector, armored searchlight, thermograph.
Weapons: Stabilized 12cm, CLGM-equipped gun with +1 targeting computer, stabilized 23mm coaxial autocannon, mounted in turret. 14.5mm machinegun on pintle mount atop turret. 2 7.62mm machineguns in articulated mounts forward on the hull, fired by driver or gunner. 9 HATGM missiles with semi-active thermal guidance, 3 23mm, 4 14.5mm magazines in the turret; 50 rounds 12cm and 4 magazines of 7.62mm ammunition in the hull.[3]


  • The original stats are in kilometers but to keep it consistent with other sourcebooks, has been converted to miles.


  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 Original stats are: top speed = 80 kph, acc/dcc = 16/80 KPH, range = 612 km
  2. 80 kilometers of this range is due to an external fuel tank mounted on the rear deck. This tank can be jettisoned, and usually Is before entering battle.
  3. TAYLOR, S. Solo of Fortune 2, 1st ed. Berkeley CA: R. Talsorian Games, 1994 (pg.52)