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Sylph originally belonged to an Arcology group, giving her a sense of extended family, where people tried to help one another when possible. This, coupled with an interest in her father's profession (he was an Arcology doctor), led to her becoming a "care-giver" as well. She passed her exams easily and joined her father on the Arcology med-staff. This was soon brought to an abrupt end when he was thrown out of the Arcology for treating illegal occupants. She was orphaned that same month, in a drive-by shooting. Confused and alone, Sylph was lucky enough to fall in with a local block "guardian" gang. She has settled down now, reverting back to her earlier inclination—to help suffering people—but also makes some profit doing it.

Sylph was always brought up to be kind and caring by her father, helping anyone she could. Although this attitude was not misplaced within the happy and secure confines of her home Arcology, she has quickly found that most people on the "outside" are only looking to help themselves and will not give to other people unless forced to. Still looking for someone to take her father's place in her love, she is quiet and demure, preferring to maintain a distance from most people until they have proved to be good friends and reliable.[1]

Operating Style[]

Sylph has decided to help other people and to look after herself at the same time, becoming a street-doc, helping those who can pay her something. The payment is usually small, and even only as much as a promise of future help. She is afraid of the effects of cyberware on the human psyche and will not deal with it if she can help it.

On the advice of her current lover (the block gang leader), she has let people in the local area know that she's operating and has set up an unofficial clinic near the combat zone. She will also go on emergency house calls in her car, but only with her boyfriend (and possibly some of his bros) with her. If approached to work with a specific group, she would examine their reputation for mindless violence versus a more restrained attitude. A large amount of money may allow her to quell niggling doubts, but she will never be found with a group of unrestrained maniacs.[1]


INT: 9, LUCK: 2, BOD: 6, TECH: 10, ATT: 5, Rep: 4, REF: 7, EMP: 8, COOL: 7, MA: 5.[1]


MedTech +7, Diagnose Illness +7, Cryotank Operation +6, Education +6, Basic Tech +6, Awareness +5, CyberTech +6, Athletics +5, Interrogation +2, Social +3[1]


Biomonitor, Chemical Analyzer implant, Cyberaudio (w/VS, WB, AH, BD options)[1]

Sylph's Car[]

Nissan Metrocar

SDP: 25, SP: 10, Max Speed: 50 mph, Acc/Dec: 3 mph, Range: 200 mi., Passengers: 2, Cargo: 200 lbs., 

Equipment: Multi-band radio, Medical Kit[1]


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