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Sycust is cyberware manufacturer and cyberware customization service.[1]


  • Tattooing: ever the popular method of expression, today's cybernetics, including eyes, can have a customized design etched onto the surface with no cost to your humanity. Our costs range from 20 eb for a simple design, up to 5000 eb for a complex design which may require anesthesia due to the length of time it will take to complete the customization. This charge can be reduced by 2000 eb by bringing in the piece of cyberware before it becomes a part of your body.[1]
  • Unusual colorization: a classic option which involves covering the cybernetic in a two or three molecule layer of our special, non-scratch coating. The cost of this option is 25 eurodollars per cubic inch covered, with the exception of eyes, which cost 50eb per optical unit. Once again a nominal 2000 euro charge is added if surgery is required.[1]
  • Limblite™: An innovative patented design, limblite™ involves the installation of a neural processor and a transparent plastic sheath which contains a light-sensitive fluid controlled by the processor. With this new option, you can change the color of your cybernetic limb by just thinking about it. The cost is high, 750 eurodollars, plus the 1000 euro charge for the installation of the neural processor. (HC 1D6-1 for the processor, 1-2 for the limblite™) If you already have a neural processor, a controlling chip can be purchased for only 700 eb.[1]

Game Notes: Where do the players go to get the rally flashy cyberoptions they dream up? This is the place! For four times the normal cost of the 2020 list cybernetic replacement, SyCust will build or modify the cyberoption as desired (subject to Referee discretion).[1]



Type Products
Cyberware Sycust "FleshWeave",[2] Sycust Extending Leg Units,[3] Sycust Joint Options,[3] SuperSized Arms[2]


Type Products
Cyberware Sycust FleshWeave[4]


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