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Sweet Dreams is a side job in Cyberpunk 2077.


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Just outside Cherry Blossom Market, you will find a man named Stefan proclaiming he has one insane braindance for sale for €$16,000. You can pay him to receive the Unlabelled Braindance; however, you will have to pay an additional €$4,000 to use a compatible wreath that Stefan has in the building behind him. If you insist on using your own wreath, they can try to run the BD from their inventory but, as Stefan mentioned, the data will be in a older format unreadable the BD set.

Talk to Stefan again where you can either ask for a refund or pay him the additional eddies to use his wreath. If you pay to use his, follow him into the building nearby and activate his rig. Once the braindance starts, you will rapidly lose consciousness. Upon awakening, you will find yourself in a rather familiar location: the bathroom where you found Sandra Dorsett, though this time you're the intended victim. Johnny will waste no time in mocking you for falling for such an obvious trick. You will have no clothes or weapons, although you still have access to your quickhacks and cyberware.

There are about 15 Scavengers scattered throughout the area. Once you've dealt with them as you see fit and retrieved your equipment, which can be found in a locker in the main room, it's time to pay Stefan a visit again. Head back to the market to confront him, and Stefan will try to give a fake excuse while returning the money you paid him. Both dialogue options result in you sparing his life. However, drawing and aiming your weapon at Stefan will trigger another dialogue between V and Stefan, with Stefan begging for his life.

Journal Entry[]

Everyone knows the most gut-twisting, brain-blitzing, 'dorph-jacking braindances aren't bought in stores or feeders, but on the streets, outside normal circulation. Take our fine man Stefan, here, as proof. Seems he's got the rawest BDs in the city - not for the faint of heart. Whaddaya say? Wanna take that rush to the next level?


  • Talk to Stefan.
  • Play Stefan's BD.
  • If you try to use your own wreath first:
    • Ask Stefan about the corrupted BD.
  • Follow Stefan.
  • Use Stefan's BD player.
  • Escape the scav hideout.
  • Find and retrieve the equipment. [Optional]
  • Retrieve the equipment.
  • Confront Stefan.


  • The unlabelled braindance can remain in V's inventory and still occupy the Throwable slot shared with Grenades and Cyberware.
  • When your inventory is removed in this quest, it can remove the quest flag from some quest items once re-acquired.
  • Prior to Patch 1.3, Stefan would not return V's money.