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Suzy comes from Mulatto/lrish stock; all her family were involved in working with their hands. As a result, Suzy showed an interest in all things electrical—and cybernetics in particular. This field is her fascination and she has spent large amounts of money on cyberware (trying to become a full-body conversion before the actual technology existed!)—and survived the experience (long months spent in cyberpsychosis therapy).

Her earlier life was dominated by cyberware and its acquisition, leading her to engage in illegal activities (robbery, forgery, etc.). As a result, she has spent time on various wanted/hot lists (EBM, Trauma Team, certain State Police agencies). This disregard for authority has made her rep among the street action; her quick and effective repairs and rebuilds have resulted in limited friendships with certain Edgerunners. Suzy had several lovers in the past, but most were before she "borged" herself up, and became completely absorbed in technical stuff to the exclusion of all else.[1]

Operating Style[]

Suzy has a insatiable appetite for new cyberware, even to the point of ignoring both people and her current work. With the sort of euro-drain this entails, her paid services are always available. She likes new tech puzzles as well, and can sometimes be tempted away from her workshop to examine a new power source or vehicle, but rarely goes out for any other reason.

She works from various sites, always moving around. Preferring to work in old warehouses and apartment blocks, she'll set up anywhere there's lots of space and access to a power source (for her volume of tech equipment).[1]


INT: 8, LUCK: 5, BOD: 10/3, TECH: 8, ATT: 6/8, Rep: 4, REF: 6, EMP: 10/3, COOL: 6, MA: 5[1]


Jury Rig +7, Basic Tech +5, Education +6, Awareness +3, Handgun +3, Melee +1, Athletics +3, Social +2, Wardrobe/Style +3, Personal Grooming +3, Streetwise +4, Teaching +5, Chemistry +2, Dance +3, Drive +4, CyberTech +6, Aero Tech +3, Gyro Tech +3, Electronics +6, Demolitions +2, Corporate Policy +4[1]


Basic Processor w/2x sets Interface plugs (Machine/Tech link, DataTerm link, Vehicle link), Chip socket w/Stress chip, fish-N-Chips chip, Nasal Filter, Digital Recorder, Chemical Analyzer implants, Muscle and Bone Lace, Skinweave (SP12), Lifesaver skinweave, Right Cyberoptic (w/lE, TH, I-IV, IR options); Left Cyberoptic (WITS, ME, IR options), Left Cyberarm (w/SUPR, THK, RJ, QC, TOL options); Right Cyberarm (w/SUPR THK RJ, STR MOD options), 2x Cyberlegs (w/THK, RJ, STR, SUPR options).[1]


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