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Can't help everyone in this city - gotta take care of our own. Moxes come first.

— Susie "Q", Cyberpunk 2077

Susanna Quinn, better known as Susie "Q", is a character featured in Cyberpunk 2077.[1]


Susie "Q" is the leader of the Moxes, a gang of joytoys devoted to "protecting working boys and girls". She runs Lizzie's Bar, the gang's main base of operations. As time passed, the glory following the hostile takeover of the commerce and bar from the Tyger Claws started to wane, and in the face of persistent and steady increase of danger, Susie is forced to take on a different approach - treating the gang's work as a genuine business. Through direct dialogue she will insist that the past should be left behind, no matter how formative and empowering the stories may have been. This state of opinion is not something all Moxes agree with and it seems to have caused quarrels with idealists such as Judy Álvarez. It is possible to encounter the two arguing over Judy's persistent redirections of anyone in need of refuge to the bar, as it is potentially a great risk to the Moxes' wellbeing.


  • Her name may be a reference to the legendary rock classic "Suzie-Q" by Dale Hawkins or any of the succeeding covers made for the song.


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