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Susan Forrest was one of the most highly trained individuals within the structure of the Night City Police Department. Ex-MaxTac, she requested a transfer to her current position after being seriously wounded in a firefight. She doesn't have much time for punks, and takes great pride in her job, especially when tracking down an escapee.

She is paid well, and drives a Bensen Cascade hovercar, or AV-9 (depending upon her current activity). She wears the best of the Gibson Battlegear, along with a Salamander Fireproof jacket. Susan is a level-headed and rational woman, but getting on her bad side will be the last mistake many a punk will make. After all, you don't become the State Executioner by being a nice person. She currently duties of the office of State Executioner for the NorCal Free State.[1]

Susan Forrest is one of the toughest Solos there is, and she loves her work, but she only does one thing. She hunts and kills fugitives with a zeal that can only be described as religious. Having actually been chased by her on one occasion, I feel her effectiveness is matched only by her good looks. With over twenty confirmed executions last year, that is no small amount of good looks. We at Solo are pleased to announce that she is possibly the new commander of the U.S. Marshal's Service Special Crimes Unit. Salud! We hope you do well.[2]


INT: 7, REF: 9, TECH: 6, COOL:9, AH: 7, LUCK:7, MA: 6, BOD: 8, EMP: 9/4, REP: 8, SA: 7[2] BTM:-3[1]


Combat Sense 6, Weaponsmith 6, Martial Arts (Karate) 7, Awareness 9, Handgun 10, Melee 8, SMG 8, Athletics 6, Stealth 9, Rifle 8, Pers. Grooming 5, Endurance 8, Swimming 6, Interrogation 9, Intimidate 9, Streetwise 7, Human Perception 8, Interview 6, Persuade/Fast Talk 7, Anthropology 3, Hide/ Evade 7, Shadow/Track 9, Dodge/Escape 7, Driving 8, Basic Tech 6, Motorcycle 4, Disguise 5, First Aid 6[1]


Sandevistan Speedware, Pain Editor, Vehicle and Smartgun Links, Interface Plugs, Chipware Socket (with chips relevant to current mission), Adrenal Booster, Motion Detector, AN Tape Recorder, Biomonitor, Skin Weave (SP=12), Cyberoptics, Target Scope, Image Enhancement, Time Square, Anti-Dazzle, Low-lite, MicroVideo, Digital Camera.[1]


Armalite.44 autopistol, Malorian Arms 3516 Pistol (Smart linked) in vehicle, Militech-10 SMG (Smart linked), Militech M-31a1 Rifle (Smartlinked), Kendachi M-33 Powersword, Advanced Communication Suitcase, Newsviewer, Digital Weapons Uplink, Speedholster (pistol), Personal Body Alarm, Travel Kit and Shower-in-a-can, Battleglove (with Micromissile Launcher), First Aid Kit, note: must be wearing Battleglove to use Malorian 3516[1]



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