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Susan Dahner (Sundance) is the last member of the unit who works at the bar. She runs waitressing duty with another girl and two waiters. Sundance is very pretty and serene; she always seems to have a smile. She does, however, carry a Ruger Super Redhawk under her vest. According to the Professor, it takes a lot to erase her smile, but when it goes, beware. The gun is liable to come out in a hurry. Sundance wag LRT-601 's medic and cybertechnician. She is also a member of the Forlorn Hope's house band. There are several employees at the bar who weren't in LRT-601, although most of them have some kind of combat experience and several were in the war in other units. All are true edge-hawks in one way or another.


INT 7, REF 8, TECH 10, COOL 10, ATTR 9, LUCK 2, MA 7, BODY 6, EMP 9/7, SAVE 6, BTM -2.[1]


Medical Tech 7, Awareness/Notice 5, Basic Tech 5, Diagnose 4, Library Search 3, Education and General Knowledge 5, Pharmaceuticals 5, Cybertech 7, Wilderness Survival 3, Athletics 4, Aikido 4, Stealth 4, Hide/Evade 4, Handgun 5, Rifle 5, Submachinegun 3, Streetwise 2, Driving 2, Play Instrument: Bass 5, Perform 2, Singing 2.[1]


Basic Processor, Smartgun Link, Chipware Socket, Interface Plugs, Basic Cyberoptic, Targeting Scope, Low-Lite™, Times Square Marquee.[1]


Ruger Super Redhawk (.44 magnum) smart-chipped revolver.[1]


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