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Susan Abernathy was the Director of Special Operations for the Arasaka American HQ division. Abernathy is uncommonly cruel, even by "corpo" standards, betraying or having executed all that oppose her ambitions. Simply mentioning her name to Arasaka's employees will cause them to falter in fear of her paranoid and psychopathic nature.


Some time in 2076, Abernathy was promoted to Director of the Arasaka Special Operations Division, a position coveted by her rival, Arthur Jenkins, and V's direct employer. To gain her position, she had smeared Arthur and the entire Counter Intelligence Division in front of Arasaka's administrative board, something her rival never forgave.

Abernathy had tried for a time to headhunt from rival companies, attempting to acquire the Chief of Kang Tao's North American Division (pendent reply), and the Chief of the Zetatech Special Operations Division (declined).

Nearing the end of 2076, Arthur Jenkins made the decision to launch a cyberattack against the European Space Council's administrative board before a vote could be passed that would revoke the Arasaka Corporation's contracts at Luna's Sea of Clouds facilities, due to a recent discovery of Arasaka's spies conducting clandestine activities in Frankfurt, Germany. Jenkins proceeded, without Abernathy's knowledge, to incapacitate and/or kill the voting members of the board. Abernathy, watching the vote online, immediately called Jenkins for an explanation regarding his actions. Jenkins explained that it was a temporary fix to the problem, buying Arasaka another week to not lose their Luna contracts. Abernathy's response was that she only wanted the problem resolved, not the entire council killed and/or incapacitated because now Arasaka would have to spend resources covering up Jenkins' decision. Jenkins, already spiteful of Abernathy, and looking for any single reason to destroy her, then orders V to contract a team and eliminate Abernathy.

Abernathy was informed, at some point, by Carter Smith, a Counter Intelligence operator working for Jenkins' division about her rival's plan to eliminate her with the help of his most trusted agent, (V, if the player chose the Corpo lifepath). She proceeded to send several Arasaka security contractors to intercept Arthur's agent and the rest of his division; promptly firing or executing them, each and all, including Carter, who commits suicide following his actions, telling Abernathy that she is even worse than Jenkins before jumping to his death from a bridge.[1][2]

Susan remained the Director of Special Operations until 2077[3] and made changes by firing or disposing of multiple employees.

Despite her success, she, allegedly, commits suicide some time prior to the assault upon Arasaka Tower.[4]

Associated Quests[]


  • Abernathy had a 24-hour security detail consisting of four bodyguards from the Arasaka Special Operations division.
  • Abernathy had Trauma Team Platinum membership.[1]
  • She had multiple bank accounts including: Night City Credit Union, Marmur Bank and Matterhorn Swiss Bank.



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