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Suki Samson is one of the Enclave Leaders that appears in Cyberpunk V3.0.


Beautiful Suki Samson, Berzerkley's visionary young half-black half-Korean "Chancellor", was born into the proto-Edger ranks during the founding of the enclave and has lived through its evolution from forgotten slum to self-realized city. Born into a close community of liberals and radical intellectuals, Suki's father was a Tae Kwon Do instructor and prolific essayist and her mother a vegan chef, both of whom refused to quit the neighborhood even after the blockades came down and the town turned ugly. Her early childhood was an urban idyll of play and schooling by her devoted parents in one of the first communes on Gilman.

That idyll shattered when she was eleven: Her father was brought home dead, murdered by a pack of gangers when he tried to prevent the rape of a teenage girl. All joy left Suki that day, replaced by a cold fury at the cruelty of the world. Sickened by the savagery of the street and the passivity of her extended family she went searching the city for some meaning. And on the roofs, Suki discovered Boris,

ex-Netrunner turned urban shaman who found a new spirituality in the chaos of the city and was willing to share his discoveries with the girl. In the discipline of martial arts and Parkour she regained her peace; through Boris' guidance and insight she regained compassion. At 18 she was ready to go back down into the city to be a part of the work of transformation, starting with healing her family.

Suki is a lean, muscular, captivatingly beautiful young woman of 24, who dresses in simple minimalist street wear. Favoring snug cropped vests that show off her tattooed arms, skintight pants, utility belts and light boots, her long curly black hair is braided into tight cornrows against her scalp to keep it out of her way. Bizarrely, she chooses to go about the enclave unarmed. Adopting the role of Chancellor of the enclave was a natural and comfortable step for her; bringing accord between the Edger families was an extension of her need to bring peace back to her family. Suki believes that the divisions between Edgers, AltCults, even all Mankind, are artificial. Committed to the Blurred Earth, she advocates peace, unity and cooperation between the AltCults in order to undo the NeoCorp threat before they exploit the divisions between those who can resist their megalomania.


Martial Arts 7, Charismatic Leader 5, Athletics 7, Beautiful 5


When her father was murdered by street thugs, Suki became a martial arts master determined to protect the weak.


Help Blurred Earth unify the Edger AltCult. Stop the NeoCorps' drive for world domination.