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Sue Hamm is Satch's lover and partner. She met him Shortly after the destruction of his family, and has been his confidante and companion ever since. Hamm is a large, rugged woman who grew up in the empty wastelands of the Southwest She has seldom left the region. If you don't Joe and Sue, use Sue's stab for a generic Nomad technician.[1]


INT 10, COOL 10, MA 9, SAVE 7, REF 8, ATR 6, BODY 7, BTM -2, TECH 10, LUCK 6, EMP 10/8.[1]


Jury Rig +9, Awareness/Notice+4, Basic Tech +7, Cyber Tech +2, Teaching +3, Education and General Knowledge +6, Electronics +7, Weapons Tech +5, First Aid +3, Streetwise +6, Persuasion and Fast Talk +4, Handgun +4, Melee +2, Rifle +5, Brawling +2 Driving +5.[1]


Basic processor, chipware socket, interface plugs, vehicle link, basic cyberoptic, Low Lite, teleoptics, Time Square Marquee.[1]

Weapons and Equipment[]

Tool kit, Sternmeyer Type 35 pistol with four magazines, knife, outdoors and survival equipment, walkie-talkie electronics and mechanical spare parts, notebook computer, cellular phone.[1]


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