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Suds Joliet is a character in Cyberpunk.


Joliet is a retired rockerboy who owns and operates the Slammer, a speakeasy, in an old warehouse. A former singer in the 90's metalpunk band Stormrider, he decided to open his own bar to showcase new acts. The Slammer is a popular central meeting place when it comes to peace talks between gangs as the rest of the area was converted into an arena for the gangs by Suds.[1] He does not enter any of the fights himself, but has been known to sing for bands that need a substitute.[2]


INT 6, REF 6, TECH 3, COOL 9, ATTR 6, LUCK 5, MA 6, BODY 8, EMP 8.[1]
INT 7, REF 5, TECH 7, COOL 8, ATTR 5, LUCK 10, MA 6, BODY 6, EMP 5.[2]


Charismatic Leadership 7, Wardrobe & Style 6, Intimidate 6, Streetwise 8, Human Perception 5, Leadership 3, Perform 5, Brawling 3.[2]


Toxin Binders, Audio Vox.[2]


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