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Stolbovoy Arms is a Lithuanian Arms manufacturing corporation that supplies weapons to the Soviet Union. Their biggest partner is with SovOil, who they supply most of there goods to.


Shortly after the Soviet Union began allowing private industry, Stolbovoy Arms was created in Lithuania. The Soviet armed forces had gone without a major personal weapons redesign for several decades, and most troops were still using variations on the Kalashnikov Action rifle, including the world famous AK series, and the later AKM, AKS, and A-80 lines.

All of these weapons had elements in common, and they sported many of the same strengths and weaknesses. By the time the new Union was founded, and republics were arming their own forces, the time was right for the introduction of a new generation of Soviet made firearms. Stolbovoy Arms, previously a maker of hunting rifles and shotguns, rose to the challenge. The company, located in the peaceful seaside town of Giruliai, has since become one of the largest weapons houses in Eastern Europe, and a key supplier to SovOil.[1]



Type Products
Assault Rifles St-5 Assault Rifle
Pistols St-2 Pistol
Submachineguns St-S Submachinegun


Type Products
Assault Rifles ST-5 Assault Rifle[2]


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