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The Steel Dragons (鋼鉄の竜) are a Japanese gang founded by Yorinobu Arasaka consisting of Tokyo nomads, who opposed Arasaka for their vile corporate operations. The Steel Dragons are a bōsōzoku gang that has grown and spread to Night City.


The original leader and founder of the Steel Dragons was Yorinobu Arasaka, second son of corporate giant Saburo Arasaka. On his 21st birthday, Yorinobu's father told him about the secrets and goals of the Arasaka corporation, which left Yorinobu shocked, viewing his father's aspirations as foolish and cold. Hating his role and his father, he wanted to prevent his father's corporation from continuing to grow further, and left home to escape his father's tyranny. Over several months, Yorinobu gathered a mass of tough Tokyo nomads to form Kōtetsu no Ryū; the Steel Dragons.

Together, they have sworn to expose and destroy Arasaka. At night they prowl the streets of Tokyo, harassing Arasaka employees and unearthing information on Arasaka's black operations. While Yorinobu's knowledge of Arasaka facilities and corporate procedures gave the Steel Dragons some advantages, they lacked the power or information to make serious headway against the corporation in 2020. Yorinobu was able to tread the world of the street and the corporate tower with equal facility. However, aside from spending his time riding with his men, he also traveled the world, meeting with other enemies of Arasaka and looking for funds and equipment. Slowly but surely, the Steel Dragons operation had grown into a powerful gang organization.


The Steel Dragons are a bōsōzoku (literally "running-out-of-control" or "violently running tribe") gang, using customized road motorcycles to roam the cities and highways of Japan. These are tightly large groups of individuals with specific ranks and titles. In the Steel Dragons, a majority of its members wear black leather and jumpsuits, known as tokkō-fuku, which are elaborately embroidered and resemble the uniforms of manual laborers and also WWII kamikaze pilot uniforms. The embroidery may include kanji army slogans, patriotic rising sun patches, ancient Chinese characters, or even manji.

The Steel Dragons have only a single purpose in life: to take down the Arasaka corporation. Often the gang can be seen roaming the streets of Tokyo harassing Arasaka employees, troops, and police. The Steel Dragons have an emphasis on using blunt weapons, alongside katanas and knifes. The cyberware used is all about protection. The Steel Dragons have allies around the world, who are all anti-Arasaka idealists.

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