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Stadium Love is a side job in Cyberpunk 2077.


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When V arrives in the area, they will hear the sounds of partying nearby. As they approach the nearby rooftops, they encounter multiple 6th Street gang members and their leader, Captain Sherman, sitting on a couch with next to him, Walker.

If you draw your weapon, the job will end and all of the surrounding 6th Street gangers will turn hostile. As long as you remain polite, the captain will speak up and suppress any hostilities, allowing you to stay and participate.

You can then ask if they're doing a "lead-spitting" competition and he'll confirm they are and will allow you to enter if you want, just a few rules:

  • You have to take a shot of alcohol before each round
  • You have to use the revolver on the table near the captain for the shots to count
  • Do not cross the yellow marquee line at each station, otherwise you will be disqualified

Take the revolver from the table, then head to the first station to begin. Note you won't be able to save manually during these 4 stations, but can load auto saves if needed. The revolver holds 6 shots and the stations are timed, so make your shots count so you don't waste time reloading too often. You can also allow the effects of alcohol to wear off between each station to avoid stacking penalties.

To win the prize, V needs to earn at least 44 points (of a maximum 46 possible) to beat Walker.

If V beats Walker, the captain will be impressed and while he is okay with you turning down his offer to join 6th Street, he will tell you if you're on opposing sides in the future, he won't hesitate to shoot you. You can then collect your reward, Divided We Stand. Unsurprisingly, if you say that Sherman should jump off Arasaka Tower, the entire group will turn hostile.

If Gig: Life's Work was completed prior to this job using a non-stealth approach:

A gang member at the first station will make a remark about knowing V from somewhere. After finishing all stations, he will recognize you, causing the others to become hostile, in which case there's no way to end this quest without a fight breaking out. You can collect Divided We Stand after the fight.

Journal Entry[]

Hey, if you wanna crash that party, I can respect that. Sometimes those parties kick the most ass. Just watch yourself - this ain't your uncle's birthday barbecue. One wrong word, one false step... there could be blood.


  • See what's going on.
  • Talk to the 6th Street leader.
  • Take the gun.
  • Get as many points as possible. [46]
  • Go to the first station.
    • Drink the shot.
    • Hit as many targets as you can in 12 seconds. [12]
  • Go to the second station.
    • Drink the shot.
    • Hit as many targets as you can in 12 seconds. [12]
  • Go to the third station.
    • Drink the shot.
    • Hit as many targets as you can in 12 seconds. [11]
  • Go to the final station.
    • Drink the shot.
    • Hit as many targets as you can in 12 seconds. [11]
  • Return to the 6th Street leader.
  • Ask about your results.
  • Collect your reward.


  • Sometimes if you're already aiming down the sight to shoot at a target before they tell you to start shooting, you won't be able to draw the revolver to shoot. In this case, you'll need to wait for them to tell you to start, then aim down the sight.


  • The side job is named after the Metric song "Stadium Love" from their 2009 album "Fantasies".