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Spinelli Autotech "Nomad" is a pickup introduced in Chromebook Volume 3.

Sourcebook Description[]

Inaccessibility isn't in the Nomad vocabulary. It's a vehicle with the same insatiable wanderlust as you, undaunted by perilous mountain paths and swift-running rivers. An ideal all-terrain vehicle, the Spinelli Nomad is suited for both the urban jungle and the rugged outdoors.
The Nomad's multi-configurable tires have retractible[sic] knobs which can be extended with a flip of a switch-then you're ready for off-road action! It also has a computerized suspension system that reacts to changes in terrain. Survivable, capable and powerful- when the going gets tough, turn to Spinelli Autotech.
Special Equipment: Off-road capability, Environmental control, Crash-control system, Long-range radio, Civilian nav system, Amphibious modifications.
Weapons: None[1]


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