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Spider and the Fly is a main job in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty.


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Journal Entry[]

Ooph, rough landing for Rosalind Myers. Kurt Hansen almost wiped her... at least this time, "almost" was all we needed. Since our dear prez survived, better get her out, drop her off somewhere safe and regroup with Songbird. Fingers fuckin' crossed you get it done quick – bein' cut off's gettin' real old.


  • Talk to Songbird.
  • Lead Myers to safety.
  • Help Myers open the door.
  • Follow Myers.
  • Talk to Myers.
  • Help Myers remove the tracker.
  • Hide from the drone.
  • Talk to Myers.
  • Escort Myers safely through the building.
    • Talk to Songbird.
    • Find the fusebox in the utility room.
    • Reset the fusebox.
    • Take the elevator to the upper floor.
    • Connect to the access point to allow Songbird to distract the drone.
    • Take the BARGHEST car. [Optional]
  • Reach the building while avoiding the patrols.
    • Lose the tail before reaching the building.
  • Take the elevator and leave the parking lot.
  • Exit the elevator.
  • Talk to Myers.
  • Go through the Expo.
  • Open the door.
  • Enter the elevator.
  • Get ready to fight.
  • Fight off Hansen's soldiers until Songbird is ready.
  • Support the Chimera in the fight against Hansen's people.
  • Talk to Songbird.
  • Flee the Chimera.
  • Take the elevator down to the subway.
    • Survive against the Chimera until the elevator arrives.
    • Shoot the cables holding the chandelier.
  • Defeat the Chimera.
    • Destroy the repair drones. [Optional]
  • Jump onto the Chimera and finish it off.

Associated Shards[]