Known Netrunner from the Cyberpunk 2020 game setting.

Quotes Edit

"You guys who live in Realspace; you move so slow. Me I like Netspace. It moves fast. You don't get old, you don't get slow and sloppy. You just leave the meat behind and go screamin'.

First system I ever hit, I think they had some weeflerunner playin' Sysop for them. I burned in, and jolted the guy with a borrowed Hellbolt, and did the major plunder action all over the Data Fortress.

Somewhere out there is a guy with half his forebrain burned out. I wonder if they ever found the body. I wonder if they'll find mine the same way..."

-Spider Murphy, Cyberpunk 2020 Core Rulebook

Alternate Timeline:

In Firestorm: Shockwave Spider Murphy recovered Alt, marked her personality file and threw her somewhere on the net to be retrieved later. She also captured Kei Arasaka in his escape submarine and pressured him into committing "seppuku" by running the Soulkiller 3.0 on himself; he then did so.

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