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Spartans are a militant protection gang pledged to look after the gay community in the San-Fran hub, dedicated to a psychotic level of personal endurance, endless training and excellence in combat inspired by the heroes of classical Greece.


Founded by a man calling himself Ajax, the Neo-Grecian Spartans were a small band of faceless vigilantes avenging themselves on the thugs who perpetrated hate crimes in their neighborhood, but as murmured support for their radical actions grew they decided to take off their masks and accept recruits into their ranks to form a militia of angry young men and women and take the safety of their community into their own hands. Once accepted the recruits are mentored by a Senior member of the gang who sees them through the entire training process, breaking them down as people and rebuilding thew as Spartans.

The Spartans are all volunteers, their equipment and training paid for by a kitty that locals are 'encourage' to contribute to monthly. While disdainful of cyberware the Spartans do train and work out with modern armor and weapons, practicing with them along with the traditional arts of wrestling and pankration. Neither men nor women are permitted to cut their hair while serving in the gang, and all are expected to barrack with each other in cramped unisex dormitories in warehouse spaces where they sleep, eat, train and debate the Classics they're expected to study for guidance.

Like their namesakes, the Spartans are violent and arrogant, thinking nothing of instigating unprovoked aristae (single combat to the death) to prove their martial superiority, often attacking wealthy looking individuals in order to loot them afterward.

These swaggering displays force are beginning to cause murmurs of distaste from the community they were founded to protect, as it appears that the guardians are becoming little better than the scum they chose to battle, and folks are beginning to wonder if the they are handing over protection is just another gangland racket. Needless to say the Spartans don't have any allies in other gangs, regarding them as inferior at best and filth at worst. and little sympathy from the police. They are the elite, and they like it that way.


  • Leaders (Aristoi) 10
  • Soldiers (Spartans) 150
  • Grunts (Helots) 300


  • Temples (Temple of Sparta) 10
  • Gymnasiums (Greco-Roman spas and training areas) 10
  • Olympiad (fighting arena) 5


  • None. but they do have horses 10


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