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Space Oddity is a side job in Cyberpunk 2077.


In the south side of Santo Domingo, you will come across a group of homeless men crowded around a corpo briefcase, unable to open it. You can convince them to hand it over before they get hurt, either by threatening them (requires Body) or paying them off.

Once the briefcase is V's, you will be tasked to find the body of its former owner, who can be found by following a scannable blood trail to the nearby dumpsters. From the corpse of the hapless corpo, you will retrieve an access card that can be used to open the locked briefcase. Alternatively, you can hack it open (requires Intelligence). Either way, open the file launch.exe on the computer; this will send a signal triggering something to drop from orbit. You will be directed to a new objective about two kilometers to the south, in the Badlands.

Go to the new marker, but be wary of a Militech response team that was also dispatched to the area. All seven soldiers will need to be taken out before the pod can be accessed. Once done, open the pod, and Johnny will comment it is a valuable painting, likely from a wealthy highrider on the moon.

Once looted, the Untitled 18 – Brancesi, 2021 will be on display in V's Apartment.

Journal Entry[]

Every bum in this town dreams someday they'll hit the jackpot on something they dug up in a dumpster and it'll transform their life. A briefcase stuffed with eddies, a shard holding big company secrets, a cuttin' edge implant that'll pawn for a few dozen Gs. Problem is, usually whoever "misplaced" the thing to begin with is still lookin' for it - and they ain't in a good mood. Do these poor street rats a favor and take this case off their hands. Before the previous owner shows up and decides to make target practice out of 'em.


  • Talk to the bums.
  • Find the body of the suitcase's owner.
  • Examine the suitcase. [Optional]
  • If the body was found:
    • Slot the access shard into the suitcase.
  • Browse the files on the computer.
  • Go to the drop point.
  • Defeat all enemies. [0/7]
  • Open the package.
  • Talk to Johnny.