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The Southern Desert is a region of the Badlands found south of Night City.[1]


Contrary to what its name might suggest, this region of the Badlands is where a large portion of Night City's food requirements is produced. The region is an agricultural powerhouse, the capital of greenhouse complexes. Managed by corporations (notably Biotechnica), they have developed a vast and highly automated food industry.

A large part of the desert is covered by solar panels that stretch for miles and strive to meet Night City's ever growing energy needs.[1]

The 101 cuts in half the region, leading drivers to either the metropolis in the north, or the border checkpoint with Southern California in the south. The border wall extends across the whole region, separating Night City's Southern Desert and the SoCal county of Los Padres.[2]




Behind the scenes

Somewhat paradoxically, the desert to the south of Night City blossoms and glistens. Massive corporate-owned farms stretch out as far as the eyes can see, producing synthetic food in a highly mechanized process vaguely resembling agriculture. Meanwhile, flat fields of solar panels convert the abundant sunlight into electricity; tall turbines do the same with the unceasing coastal wind. The overall impression is one of paradox: tightly packed empty space, uninhabited land deeply marked by human habitation, the stomach and spinal cord shunted outside the body.[3]



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