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Son Seifu Fighters is gang in Cyberpunk V3.0.


At first, the Son Seifu Fighter were just another martial gang; a few dojos worth of hardcore Bee-Lee-Wannabees capable of putting the smackdown on gangs like the Slaughterhouse or the Blood Razors, beating its way through the neighborhoods around the remains of Old San Fran's J-Town district. But then their leader, Son Goru, ran afoul of Spartans in dustdown so total that the Neo-Greeks delivered what was left to the Son Dojo in a dripping garbage bag.

Lucky for Son Goru, the CeeMetals owed him Giri for some past favors-enough to implant what was left into its own humanlike Cyberbody. Reborn as a self proclaimed Super Fighter, Son Goru combined his already fearsome hand to hand skills with built-in flamers, grenade launchers, EMP blasters and arm-mounted lasers, giving him the standoff punch of a small tank. It didn't take long for his fellow Fighters to start working to earn enough Cee-Metal Ciri to follow suit the CM even liked the idea, as it gave them a high-powered combat force to call on in emergencies. Super Fighter was soon followed by upgrades to Super Fighter I/ until Son Goru finally achieved the level of Super fighter III, allowing him to combine Wingman II flight systems with almost Dragoon-level firepower.

And Kung Fu.

For all this, the Son Seifu Fighters aren't just a ravening combat gang-and that's what makes them scary. With thousands of hours of quiet dojo discipline backing up their newfound power/ these guys really know what they're doing. They don't pick fights, but if you mess with them or the CM Enclaves they protect, expect to have the fires of hell open up on your head. You Have Been Warned.


  • Leaders (Super Fighter II ) 5
  • Soldiers (Super Fighter I ) 50
  • Grunts (unmodified Son Fighters) 100


  • Dojos (all over the City) 20
  • Noodle Shops 10


  • None. These guys are LOUSY drivers.


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