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Solo of Fortune

Solo of Fortune, subtitled Journal of the Corporate Mercenary, is a sourcebook for Cyberpunk 2013.

The book is one of only four supplementary books for the original Cyberpunk RPG and it goes into great detail on the subject of the Solo Character class. A follow up was written for Cyberpunk 2020, called Solo of Fortune 2.

The book is written in-universe and published by Fax-Press and includes write-ups on such subjects as the First Corporate War, fought between EBM and Orbital Air. Solos specialization and skill packages as well as Solos that are contracted by world governments, the equipment that they use from small arms and heavy vehicles. Also included is a small section on the status of the world outside of Night City, from Hong Kong to Mexico.



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Solo of Fortune, Copyright 1989 R.Talsorian Games Inc.