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Solos are hired hit-men, bodyguards, and mercenaries. Due to their professionalism and constant training, they have the ability to perceive danger, notice traps, and have an almost unearthly ability to avoid harm.

Who Are They[]

You were reborn with a gun in your hand - the flesh and blood hand, not the metallic weapon factory that covers most of your arm. Whether as a freelance guard and killer-for-hire, or as one of the Corporate cybersoldiers that enforce business deals and the Company's "black operations", you're one of the elite fighting machines of the Cyberpunk world.

Most Solos have put in military time, either in a Corporate army or in one of the Government's continual "police actions" around the world. As the battle damage piles up, you start to rely more and more upon hardware - cyberlimbs for weapons and armor, bio-program chips to increase your reflexes and awareness, combat drugs to give you that edge over your opponents. When you're the best of the best, you might even leave the ranks of Corporate samurai and go ronin - freelancing your lethal talents as killer, bodyguard or enforcer to whoever can pay your very high fees.

Sounds good? There's a price - a heavy one. You've lost so much of your original meat body that you're almost a machine, Your killing reflexes are so jacked up that you have to restrain yourself from going berserk at any moment. Years of combat drugs taken to keep the edge have given you terrifying addictions. You can't trust anyone - your mother, your friends, your lovers - no one. One night you sleep in a penthouse condo in the City - the next in a filthy alley on the Street. But that's the price of being the best.

And you're willing to pay it. Because you're a Solo.

Special Ability (2020)[]

Combat Sense: This ability is based on Solo's constant training and professionalism. Combat Sense allows the Solo to perceive danger, notice traps, and have an almost unearthly ability to avoid harm. Your Combat Sense gives you a bonus on both your Awareness skill and your Initiative equal to your level in the Combat Sense skill.

Special Ability (RED)[]

Combat Awareness: This ability allows the Solo to call up their training to have an enhanced awareness of the battlefield. When combat begins, anytime outside of combat, or with an Action during combat, the Solo can divide the total number of points in their Role Ability among multiple sub-abilities. Some abilities require more points in order to be activated.

Database Entry (2077)[]



Soldier, corporate bodyguard, cyberninja... They can call themselves whatever they want, but to the rest of the world they're simply solos. Solos are mercenaries who specialize in combat skills, whether on the battlefield or as private "huscle" (hired muscle). They'll fight for corporate or government armies, private security companies, criminal organizations, even the police – but most prefer to earn their eddies on shorter-term jobs. We live in increasingly trying times, so solos have no shortage of opportunities. It's guaranteed work in a still growing "industry" – but it does have its dark side. Every professional solo needs to keep up with trends in new tech and invest in better equipment, weapons, cyberware, gadgets and supplements which will ensure they stay smarter, faster and stronger than their opponents. But they must also remain vigilant, as this push for progress can cross a line from which there is no return. According to official MaxTac data, solos are the largest demographic in confirmed cyberpsychosis cases.[1]


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