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Disambig This article is about the border crossing and wall in Cyberpunk 2077. For other uses, see Wall (disambiguation).

The SoCal Border Crossing[1] is a location in Cyberpunk 2077.


The border checkpoint can be found on Highway 101, which runs between the NUSA state of South California and the Free City of Night City. The checkpoint is visited only during the Nomad prologue. Afterwards, this area will be hostile and it won't possible to cross it to the south.[2] The only exception will be during the Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty quest Leave in Silence.

The checkpoint is part of local section of the NorCal-SoCal Border Wall, which extends from the coast in the west all the way along the Biotechnica Flats, to the mountains in the east of Rattlesnake Creek. Several Militech Mechs and Octants can be found patrolling the area near the wall, and approaching it will trigger an AWACS Zone warning (Airborne Warning and Control System). If the area is not cleared, any vehicle or person will be targeted by missiles; as evidenced by the smoldering wrecks.[3]

A Data Term can be found at a nearby parking lot to the north under the name "Border Checkpoint".


A concrete border wall between North and South California was built by the New United States of America after the Unification War ended in 2070. Even though Night City had gained its independence from the North, the NUSA still treated them as NorCal citizens, thus the border was extended through the Badlands south of the city.[4] Once finished, the wall prevented smuggling and illegal crossings between the south and the north. The border crossing facility and the rest of the wall were tasked to be guarded by the SoCal Border Patrol and Militech, whom were hired both by the Night City City Hall and South California.[5]

The border crossing on Highway 101 has been used as a customs and immigration inspection checkpoint between SoCal and Night City.[2] To ensure the safety of Night Citizens, the borders are tightly secured and a special permit is needed to access or leave the metropolitan area by land. Anyone approaching the border unauthorized will be fired on sight. Visitors have to wait for their turn through the border security check, and before accessing the secure zone, photos may be taken of the vehicle occupants. It is advised once inside the facility to follow the instructions and cooperate with the border security. Of note, visitors will have to stop any kind of recording if they are trying to do so. Failing to cooperate may result in worse consequences than just a travel delay.[1]

Database Entry[]

Border Wall


The border between North and South California is marked by a thick, forbidding wall meant to prevent smuggling and illegal crossings. The checkpoint is guarded by the SoCal border patrol, which is backed by corporate forces. You'll need plenty of skill, cunning, sometimes even a dash of luck to get through.[3]

Associated Quests[]


  • Despite the continuous AWACS warning, no missile is ever fired at the player.
  • Even if the player uses quickhacks to disable all turrets and lower road blocks at the border crossing and drives through it fast to avoid soldier fire, they will be automatically killed by a turret anyway.



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