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Night City is the city of megacorporations, but street gangs also have their share of power. The Watson district has a particular problem with a gang known as the Maelstrom. Royce is their boss. He raids corporate transports and sells stolen tech on the streets. He's cold, calculating and distrustful. People see him as a psycho but it might just be a facade to instill fear in others.

Simon Randall,[2] better known as Royce, is the leader of the Maelstrom gang in Cyberpunk 2077.


Royce is a psychopath. He violently took over one of the key Maelstrom crews in the city from the last boss, Brick.[3] He is impossible to control, impossible to predict – you can never be sure Royce won't just pull out his gun and shoot you in the head, just for the hell of it.

During The Ride, Dexter DeShawn tasks V and Jackie Welles with purchasing a stolen Militech bot from Royce's gang.

The Pickup mission can be completed in a variety of ways. If done a peaceful deal with them, Royce will keep on leading the gang and will aid V during the Militech assault on the All Foods Factory. Otherwise, V can kill Royce during the negotiation talks, or at the last room before leaving the factory, in which Royce can be seen wearing an armored exoskeleton during the final confrontation. If sneaking out, Royce will be killed off camera by the Militech agents sent by Meredith Stout. If dead, Royce will be replaced either by a freed Brick, or if not, by Patricia.

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Royce isn't the kind of guy you forget, and not just because his fashion sense includes a set of red-hot LED optics straight from hell. No - what stays burned in your memory is his manic-obsessive, erratic, paranoid, Triphet-tweaked behavior. As a leader, he's always been polarizing. Either his goons love him... or they hate him.

But if Royce truly is mad, he might just be the most brilliant, methodical madman in the city. He's been running Maelstrom's affairs with surprising success.

Probably because the only way to stay alive is to do biz with him.[4]

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  • His name and bio are mentioned in the E3 2018 demo highlights pamphlet.