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The Silver Slash are one of the many gangs in Night City.


Named after a popular Heavy metal band, the Silver Slash is a defensive Chromer gang. Based mostly in the area around the medical center and the Night City Transit Center, they defend both locals and tourists from predatory behavior by rival gangs in the area. Their "turf" includes the Children's hospital, Convention center, and several night spots. The gang leaders, Marion and Jake Maxwell, lost their son to gang violence close to the Children's hospital. They started the gang to prevent the same thing happening to anyone else.

While not officially sanctioned, the NCPD recognizes their contributions, and they have an elevated status. They rely on intensive training and organization rather than cybernetics and heavy weapons, and have a reputation for high victories and low mortalities. While subdual is always the goal, they are more than capable of using deadly force as well. And you can count on the sympathetic NCPD to look the other way if fatalities occur.

They are based in the Bay Bridge Residential Hotel. The hotel provides a headquarters for them free of charge in exchange for their protection. The gang is secretly subsidized by local businesses as well, who value the safety the gang provides without having to resort to goon squads or oppressive corporate style security.

Most members are Tweens of either gender. Many are even college educated. Members believe in fair play, and are hostile to any shady schemes or scams.[1]


Light blue shirt, rainbow suspenders, One-World emblem (blue and green earth with a ring of light blue around the outside). Most wear long hair.[1]


One-world emblem.[1]

Average Stats

7 7 5 8 7 5 7 6 7
SKILLS: Karate 8, Athletics 7, Martial Arts 6, Handgun 5, Dodge & Escape 5, Streetwise 7, First Aid 4, Shadow 3, Education & Gen. Know 4[1]


Reflex boosters, if any.[1]


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