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Shot by Both Sides is a side job in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty.


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Side with Bree (kill Dante):

If Dante Caruso is killed, V can loot his Iconic revolver Ol' Reliable. After the conversation with Bree Whitney, her Iconic power pistol Riskit can be picked up from the boxes on the right side of the room. After leaving the laboratory, Hands will call and reward V with €$5,000 for completing the original contract.
However, he will call again about a day later, revealing that Bree was working with NetWatch and sold them the data solely for her personal gain. After another few days pass, a NetWatch hit squad of several agents will randomly appear on the streets and attack V. By that time, that hit squad would also have killed Lisa Smith - one of the remaining scientists who worked in the lab - due to information leaked to them by Bree.

Side with Dante (Bree dies):

If Bree is killed, V can collect Riskit from the floor. Dante will then share a shard, retrieved from Bree's body. In it is revealed that she was working for NetWatch and was acting solely for her personal gain, facilitating the hit that killed Caesar Mijares, one of the scientists who worked in the lab. If V talks to Dante afterwards, he will also give a €$5,000 reward. Hands will be displeased by this deviation from the contract.

Bree and Dante both die:

If V kills whomever survives the standoff (Bree or Dante), Database: Cynosure Site D can be acquired in addition to both Riskit and Ol' Reliable. Hands will be displeased, although he will be satisfied if V mentions the database shard. After sending it to him through a Drop Point, he will give a €$5,000 reward. Johnny will be disappointed at this choice.

Journal Entry[]

Interestin' gig. A shit-scared media, a top-secret investigation, corpo dirt, anonymous threats. What's that? Forget mercwork, now you wanna be Night City's top private eye?


  • Go to Bree's apartment in Night City.
  • Enter the apartment.
  • Force the door open.
  • Find the bamboo plant.
  • Take the access card.
  • Write to Mr. Hands.
  • Read the message from Mr. Hands.
    • Talk to the stranger. [Optional]
  • Meet with Bree in Dogtown.
  • Take the elevator to the lower level.
  • Find Bree.
  • Talk to Bree.
  • Follow Bree.
  • Scan the area for threats. [4]
  • Deactivate the defense systems. [4]
  • Talk to Bree.
  • Look at the screen.
  • Watch the Video Logs.
  • Get up.
  • Talk to Bree and Dante.

If V interrogates Dante:

  • Kill Dante.
  • Talk to Bree.

If V interrogates Bree:

  • Decide Bree's fate.
  • Talk to Dante.

  • Leave the laboratory.
  • Call Mr. Hands.

If V obtained Database: Cynosure Site D:

  • Leave the data at the drop point.

Associated Shards[]

Associated Computers[]


  • If V meets Bree in Dogtown during daytime and not after dark as instructed by Mr. Hands, she will point out they are early, but there aren't further consequences.
  • There is an easily missable camera placed in the top left corner right above the first door Bree opens after going for the alternative route.


  • The name of this job comes from the song "Shot by Both Sides" by the English post-punk band Magazine.