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Shoot To Thrill is a side job in Cyberpunk 2077.


You get a call from Robert Wilson, the owner of the local 2nd Amendment in your apartment building. He is hosting a shooting competition to drum up some local business. You arrive with five other competitors, although one is kicked out after ignoring Wilson's pistol only rules.

The competition is about hit the maximum bullets possible in the targets. To win the competition easier, use a handgun that fires multiple bullets at once and/or in rapid succession, as each hit scores one point, even if they hit the same target. It also does not matter which line the target is (yours or of others competitors).

If you win, you are given a an epic m-10AF Lexington with a unique skin as a reward by Wilson. If you lose, the winner will complain that the weapon is of low quality. Either way, Wilson will lament that business is down and the competition did nothing to help.

Journal Entry

A shooting range competition? Ho-ho, wonder what fun prizes are up for grabs. Giant teddy bear? Inflatable sword? Tiny plastic football? Whatever it is, enjoy yourself, 'cause I'm sittin' this one out. Don't much like it when people treat weapons like toys.


  • Go to Wilson's shooting range.
  • Talk to Wilson.
  • Enter the shooting range.
  • Listen to Wilson's instructions.
  • Draw and aim your weapon.
  • Wait for the competition to begin.
  • Get into position.
  • Shoot the targets. [0/100]
  • Go to Wilson.
  • If you won the competition:
    • Collect your reward from Wilson.
  • Talk to Wilson.


  • Instead of an epic m-10AF Lexington, the player was to be awarded the iconic Dying Night pistol,[1] which is now acquired in the earlier The Gun quest.



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