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Shintaro Takayama is a character in Cyberpunk 2020.


Early Life[]

Born in Chiba, Japan in 1968, Shintaro Takayama was reputed to be descended from ninja lines. A Solo in the employ of Arasaka Corporation, he owed his life to Saburo Arasaka. As a long-time vassal, his loyalty was beyond question, and he was trusted with many of the corporation's secrets.[1] As a traditionalist, he rejected any and all cybernetics; yet his military training and skill in the martial arts made him one of the most dangerous men of his time.


As the director of security of Arasaka Family Compound near Tōkyō, he acted as personal martial arts trainer for the Arasaka family, but also was responsible for developing the personal combat section of the Arasaka troop training regimen.[1]

In 2020, at the age of 52, Takayama-san lived at the Arasaka compound. He was responsible for the personal security of Saburo and his daughter Hanako. Whenever either of them would leave the compound, which happened only rarely in Hanako's case, he would accompany them; if they traveled separately at the same time, he would remain with the CEO and entrust her safety to weapons specialist Katsuo Iwashima. It is unclear whether he knew that the young man was in love with Hanako.[2]

When the cargo submarine Eel carrying "Project Five" under Captain Hyung Mitsumoto sunk in the North Pacific later in the same year, Shintaro Takayama informed Saburo in person. After establishing the lack of Arasaka units in the area, Saburo ordered the acquisition of the company owning the closest vessel. IRA, a small, pseudo-military organziation hiring protection services to governments and major corporations, was then put under the Sato Commercial Shipping subsidiary.[3]

As Hanako's most trusted friend aside from her brother Yorinobu, he would treat her like his own daughter and often spin tales of ancient Japan for her.[1]


Combat Sense +9, Endurance +5, Strength Feat +4, Resist Torture/Drugs +5, Intimidate +4, Awareness/Notice +7, Expert Martial Arts (history and Lore) +10, Expert Japanese History +8, Expert Security Procedures +5, Expert Storyteller +6, Hide/Evade +9, Stealth +7, Shadow/Track +6, Wilderness Survival +7, Athletics +6, Fencing +8, Stealth +8, Electronic Security +6, Handgun +1, Karate +8, Aikido +9, Melee +7.[2]


None[2], Shintaro prides himself in being fully human and handles great in a fight. He is one of the most dangerous man around and it would do most people good if they just stayed clear of him.


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