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"Shinobu" Nakagawa is a character in the Cyberpunk series.


"Shinobu" is one of the most publically active members of the Nakagowa Kabuki Troupe, playing all the group's female lead roles. Shinobu biosculpted themself to look more feminine and appeared in public dressed in a kimono, moving with the grace of a feudal princess.

Traditionally, all women's roles in Kabuki theater are played by men, so no one knows Shinobu's gender. Having never spoken, it is believed that her vocal cords were cut. Shinobu always walks and acts with feminine grace that seems to come naturally.

Shinobu leads an active life within Night City, appearing at charity benefits, giving donations to whatever cause seems most needy at the moment. They were a favorite of the media and the entire city. The most popular player in the Troupe, and by far the most friendly, they have been known to mingle with the audience after performances (something the other members have never done).[1]

Shinobu would go on to adopt a son, Hayato Nakagawa. Shinobu unfortunately was killed in 2042 under mysterious circumstance, which caused an immense amount of infighting within the Tyger Claws gang. Their son Hayato would assume control of the Tyger Claws and take on the handle "Shinobu the Second" to honour their adoptive parent.[2]


INT 9, REF 10, TECH 3, COOL 8, ATTR 9, LUCK 8, MA 4, BODY 5, EMP 10[1]


Poise and Grace 10, Personal Grooming 9, Wardrobe & Style 4, Social 6, Preform 10, Human Perception 5, Melee Weapon (thrown poison hairpin) 3, Dance 9[1]




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