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Shelly grew up in the boom-or-bust atmosphere of the Eighties. She went to the finest schools, attended the finest camps. Her family was one of the lucky ones that went through the tumultuous Nineties with few setbacks. Shelly graduated from a New York college with a degree in Cognitive Science; grad school was spent in Berkeley, studying with a young Janice Grubb. Shelly was soon snatched up by the fledgling Kenjiri Technologies, working in software design, writing programs to be used on the new cybermodems. She worked alongside Janice Grubb in those days, and their friendship grew. Even after Jan left to work for Internet. they continued to correspond and occasionally meet.

Tsuneta Kenjiri found out about this, and made Shelly an offer: Tell us what Grubb is doing, and keep your job, gaining influence and power. Do not- and lose everything. Shelly hated it. but complied. Until Jan told her about what she was doing with the I-G algorithms. To her regret. she didn't tell anyone.

Three weeks after the Transformation, Shelly was out of a job. Adding insult to injury, Kenjiri transmitted copies of her betrayals to Janice Grubb. Not only was she out of a job, she was unemployable within the industry; blacklisted by the Internet.

Shelly eked out a living for almost a year; then spent another two in the gutters, addicted to Flash. She was nearly dead when a freakish meeting with a Fixer led her to retrieve some files he had accidentally deleted off his personal comp, using a kit-bashed program got her a data theft job. Hands shaking, she jacked herself in.

Shelly nearly died, and realized two things that night. First was that she was scared to death of Black Ice and second, that she'd had the time of her life.[1]

Operating Style[]

Three years later, Daemoness is a Netjockey who, while not rated as one of the best. is known to get the job done. She is considered to be methodical, precise, and inexorable; you don't want her for a rush job, but she's the one you need if you have the time and you want it done right. She's infamous for her use of semi-autonomous software-viruses and Daemons (from which she gets her handle), plus she appears to be immune to Black Ice counterattacks.

Shelly is strictly a keyboard jockey; she will never willingly jack into a cyberdeck for a run, preferring to use her custom built workstation (Speed- 13, Memory-35, Data Walls +4). Her software is all custom, and changes frequently; she is an expert in tailoring her software to the target. Whenever possible, Shelly will deal with customers via Netspace, or through intermediaries; she has a real fear of physical violence.

Shelly, at 37, is a tall, elegant black woman with dose-cropped dark hair. She dresses casually, but is almost never without armor. Her dazzling white smile is something seen infrequently.[1]


INT: 9, LUCK: 5, BOD: 6, TECH: 8, ATT: 7, Rep: 5, REF: 6, EMP: 8/7, COOL: 5, MA: 6.[1]


Interface +5, Awareness +3, Basic Tech + 7. Education +6, System Knowledge +8, CyberTech +3, Cyberdeck Design +6, Electronics +5, Programming +8, Expert (Modula-7 Language) +8, Library Search +6, Teaching +6, Personal Grooming +4, Wardrobe/Style +4, Motorcycle +4, Social +3, Expert (RPGs) +3, Human Perception +4, Streetwise +2, Handgun +1, Hide/Evade +4[1]


Basic Processor w/Interface plugs WI links, 2x Chipware sockets, Full Nano-Groomers, Mediaware cell-phone implant, Skinweave (SP10)[1]


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