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Shaitan is a character featured in Cyberpunk 2020 and briefly in Cyberpunk 2077.


Shaitan is a full borg freelance black-ops specialist with a special hatred for Arasaka.

He will take any job he can get away with, but it must be against Arasaka, and it must have serious collateral damage possibilities. In the last few years Shaitan has gone from a good Solo with a reasonable reputation, to a great Solo with a phenomenal success record.

He has even been known to occasionally create or modify jobs just so he can destroy Arasaka property. Why? No one is sure. But he has honed his mind and rebuilt his body for this task only. His type of singlehanded crusade would be laughable, had he not managed to somehow elude capture and accomplish these objectives for over three years.[1]

In 2023, Shaitan joins the team to infiltrate the Arasaka Towers. The team was ambushed by Adam Smasher and a large number of Arasaka soldiers. Shaitan attacked Adam in order to provide an escape for the team. He was critically wounded by Adam but still managed to escape before the nuke went off. He rejoined his surviving teammates after the battle.[2]


INT 8, REF 15, TECH 8, COOL 9, ATTR N/A, LUCK 6, MA 20, BODY 12, EMP 9/3/7, SAVE 8, BTM -5.[2]


Combat Sense +9, Aikido +8, Athletics +10, Awareness +10, Basic Tech +8, Cybertech +4, Demolitions +6, Driving +7, Education +4, Tactics +5, first Aid +5, Handgun +9, Heavy Weapons +9, Hide/Evade +9, Intimidate +7, Melee +10, Pilot Boat +4, Pilot fixed Wing +6, Pilot Vectored Thrust +7, Rifle +10, Shadow/Track +8, Stealth +10, Strength Feat +2, SMG +8, Swimming +6, Weapons Tech +7, Wilderness Survival +6.[2]


Eclipse Covert Operations Full Conversion, with added +2 REF (total of 15), +7 MA (total of 20), Shielding, +5 SP (total of 30 all-around), +10 SDP (total of 30 all-around). audio add level damper, sound editing. Optics add image enhancement. and tele-optics. Legs add heavy pistol (hidden holster), and MML. Arms add digital recorder, techscanner, electronics toolkit, weapons toolkit. A LOT of therapy.[2]


United Armaments CLAW with four clips of mixed of APFSDS and HEAT rounds, Militech "Cowboy" u-55 Grenade Launcher with 36 rounds of mixed frag and concussion. Militech Avenger (smart with eight clips) for soft targets. Emergency cybertech tool kit.[2]



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